Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday

Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday

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LWDW 300: GNOME In 76 Seconds
November 10, 2021

System76 is working on a Rusty Desktop! Tuxedo launches the Nano Pro, GNOME talks about collaboration, shoving Windows onto a Raspberry Pi, and we unpack the Linus video.

LWDW 299: Meme Linux 35!
November 03, 2021

Fedora 35 launches with a gang of new features! Linux 5.15 adds support for NTFS, Firefox enables EGL on X, and building a Raspberry Pi powered cinema camera.

LWDW 298: iNotch for GNOME & Linux in Rust
October 27, 2021

StarLite releases a slick little netbook, GNOME gets the Apple iNotch, rewriting the kernel in Rust, a trash bin for terminals, and a $1000 sound card gets some Linux love. 

LWDW 297: NVIDIA Wayland drivers & PinePhone Pro
October 20, 2021

Nvidia learns how to Wayland ! Ubuntu 21.10 ‘Impish Indri’ is ready for public consumption, Pinephone goes Pro, and the first-ever price increase for the Raspberry Pi. 

LWDW 296: Voicemeeter Banana For Linux
October 13, 2021

Firefox launches Suggest, Debian 11 gets a point release, a Voicemeeter Banana alternative for Pulseaudio, and the best part of Windows 11 is Windows Subsystem for Linux.

LWDW 295: Twitch Goes Open-Source
October 06, 2021

Twitch source code has been leaked, PipeWire tackles V4L2, reverse-engineered drivers for the Live Gamer EXTREME 2, and PopOS is headed to the Raspberry Pi.

LWDW 294: An Epic Surprise
September 29, 2021

Epic Games enables EAC on Linux! Ubuntu 14.04 gets a life extension, OBS adds YouTube integration, and wicked-fast search for the Linux desktop.

LWDW 293: Snap Into a Firefox
September 22, 2021

Ubuntu Snaps into Firefox, easy packaging with makedeb, cross-platform MSpaint, and 1080p60 capture on Linux for under $70. Show notes & video.

LWDW 292: Blood for the blood god, AppMan for the AppImages
September 15, 2021

AppMan brings sanity to AppImages, GNOME 41 introduces Context Tiles, AJA support is coming to OBS, Argon introduces a triangle PiNAS, and shiny new things for Thunar. 

LWDW 291: The GNU Pirates
September 08, 2021

Pirating GPL software, forcing Chrome to the dark side, atomic powered nixie clocks, ncurses on methamphetamine, and NTFS lands in kernel 5.15. Show notes.