Hey Uncle Tuck, Your Uncle’s Favorite Uncle!

Hey Uncle Tuck, Your Uncle’s Favorite Uncle!

Holding Back.

June 26, 2023
Hey everyone, it’s your uncle’s favorite uncle, HeyUncleTuck!

And I bet you’re wondering about the title “To be honest, I’ve been holding back”. So let me explain that for you. For those who know me and really know me, see that I’ve been kind of refraining from totally opening up on this podcast. And part of the reason I have been is because I was experiencing some self doubt. My personality isn’t the easiest, and I can be rough around the edges. But one thing is I’m always genuine.

And once my friends started checking out the podcast, many asked, Why am I holding back? Not Mr. Straight no Chaser, LOL. So yeah, it definitely made me think, Why not? Share my thoughts, views, and sense of humor, along with my knack for storytelling, with the masses. Another thing I believed was holding me back was my need for perfection.

I needed everything to be perfect

Like I needed everything to be perfect, and yes, I’m guilty of not practicing what I preach, as I always stated it’s best to get started instead of waiting for the right moment. Because waiting for the right moment will have you doing just that—waiting.

So here we are recording a new episode with my new train of thought of just getting it done. And as my buddy Jurel has told me many times, “bro, you’re starting off with gear that many didn’t have access to till they made it, and many are doing more with less.”

That’s when it hit me

That right there hit me, and it hit me hard. See, I’ve always had some really good equipment, as I’ve been a streamer, blogger, and dabble in some music making and video editing for quite some time now. But I always felt like I needed this, as it lacked the polished look I wanted. Or at least the look I thought I wanted or needed.

Jurel was right. I was way ahead of the game with not just the gear but also the skillset, talent, and moxie (not the word he used, but it was the one that came to mind). So welcome to HEYUNCLETUCK 2.0.

What you can expect to hear

What you can expect to hear on this podcast are my views on a variety of subjects, including pop culture, music, love, and relationships. One could say I’m very well versed in a variety of subjects, but this is what you’re going to hear me talking about.