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Why do Blacks suffer a higher infant mortality rate than Whites?
August 19, 2020

Patricia Gabbe, M.D, explains why Blacks have such a high infant mortality rate and why racism is a public health crisis. 

Is Ohio ready for the November elections?
July 28, 2020

Guest: Jen Miller, executor director, League of Women Voters of Ohio Jen discusses all things voting—voter guides published by the League, how our voting system is protected against fraud, and what Ohio is doing to get ready for the November 2020...

Police abuse—a few bad apples or a systemic problem?
July 08, 2020

Guest: Attorney James D. McNamara Jim McNamara has prosecuted civil actions throughout the state of Ohio on behalf of citizens who have suffered from police abuse. Based on the cases he’s handled over the course of 40 years, Jim explains why police...

Drinking and driving—what might seem like a good idea never is
May 11, 2020

Guest: attorney Jon Saia of Saia & Piatt Jon Saia’s practice is focused on OVI defense. He’s one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in Ohio on this area of the law. Not only an accomplished attorney, Jon is certified by The National Highway...

The DuPont story—one lawyer’s 20-year legal battle against a corporation’s pollution and cover up
May 05, 2020

Guest: Robert A. Bilott, partner at Taft Law For years, DuPont had been dumping in a landfill in Parkersburg, West Va., a man-made chemical commonly known as PFOA, which was recently linked to cancers and other diseases. But DuPont knew as far back as...

Can a court order you to not have children?
April 16, 2020

Guest: Giovanna Scaletta-Bremke If you have 13 children by nine women and fall behind on your child support payments, can a court order you to not have more children? A trial court in Lorain County, Ohio, thought it had the power to issue such an...

Is it time to kill the death penalty?
February 19, 2020

Conservatives join the move to repeal Oho's death penalty

Just Justice—an Interview with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Michael Donnelly
February 14, 2020

Guest: Justice Michael P. Donnelly

Prostitution and Human Trafficking
February 14, 2020

Guest: Hannah Estabrook

Why We Like Juries
February 14, 2020

We’ve created a system in which regular citizens are empowered to make important decisions as jurors. There are good reasons behind the jury system, as well as plenty of misconceptions.