KSTB- Kingdom of Stonetree Broadcasting

KSTB- Kingdom of Stonetree Broadcasting

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Verhaalgard Ventures - There's No Place Like Holme
May 15, 2022

Had a little too much adventure? Need a place to get away from it all? Are you under 4 feet tall or have a really thick skull? (Please note that I am not asking if you are stupid, I am actually referr

Modern Magic- The Undead Symphony
April 15, 2022

Erdan Gald the Necromantic Conductor has been touring his Undead Orchestra for years, and just recently decided to push the necromantic envelope, by expanding it into an Undead Symphony! On this Moder

From The Casebooks Of Faustian D'Azoral- The Devil Went Down To Stonetree
March 15, 2022

Faustian D'Azoral is many things, but there are also many things he is not. Faustian D'Azoral is not a lip reader, a musician, or a gambler. Oh, he'll play games of chance, but is it really gambling w

Artifacts Roadshow: Does What it Says on the Tin
February 15, 2022

Artifacts Roadshow is back to illuminate the magical properties and histories of more magic items! What magic could these weapons used in a crime have? Is your family heirloom valuable? What were thos

Theobore the Barbarian has an Axe to Grind with: Traps!
January 15, 2022

Theobore Bloodaxe is in a rage about a recent quest he went on. Is it wizards, bad manners, or not fighting that makes him so mad? Yes to all of those. But most of all, this week, Theobore the Barbari

Foresight with Finola Vance #3
December 15, 2021

Anxious? Afraid? In an existential crisis? Get advice about the future from Finola Vance, instead of just the weather. This time, dating advice for the short, adventuring advice for the inexperienced,

Archer Blackwood- Corpsefinder
November 15, 2021

An Adventurer's Insurance Policy means that someone will come to ressurect you if you die on a quest, but if you think about it, finding your mangled corpse is like a quest in and of itself! This week

Seija's Alchemical Tutorial- Make Haste
October 15, 2021

Ever wish you were faster? Not blinding speed, but like... 40% faster? Well you're in luck, assuming you tune in to this episode of Seija's Alchemical Tutorial! Learn alongside this week's novice alch

Modern Magic- The Silent Plate Armor
September 15, 2021

Sir Gwythir Owain is one of the last people you'd expect to be on the forefront of magical research. But he is! Kinda. In that he was the impetus for other people to do magical research. That's what w

From The Casebooks Of Faustian D'Azoral- Party's Over
August 15, 2021

Adventuring parties are built on trust. You gotta be sure that your boon companions won't stab you in the back and make off with your share. Faustian D'Azoral, Warlock at Law, has thoughts about this