Knock Once For Yes

Knock Once For Yes

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Screaming Skulls
May 30, 2022

In this episode we dive into the weird and wonderful world of Screaming Skulls; including the cases of Theophilus Broome, Bettiscombe, Threlkeld Place, Calgarth, Wardley Hall, Brougham Hall, Burton Ag

Just Ghost Stories
May 30, 2022

We’re doing something a little different this time; our main feature ended up being 2 hours long all on its own so we decided to release two separate bumper episodes! This one has all your usual paran

Haunted Magazine
March 15, 2022

A new cryptid is spotted in our neck of the woods and there’s a ghost dropping f-bombs on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Caroline, Matt, Vix & Lenny and we pin down the master of puns hi

Haunts of Hitchin
February 22, 2022

This episode we have a ghost with opinions on interior design and a paranormal convention for the age of that which shall not be named on the paranormal radar. Listeners stories from Kevin, Molly, Rob

Phantom Carriages
December 24, 2021

2021 Christmas Special

Ghosts of Great Yarmouth
October 28, 2021

It’s spooky season and it’s KOFY’s 5th Birthday. It’s Hallowbirthdayween 5! – The return of the revenge of the spooky stories striking back! This episode we have some Halloween themed stories on the p

In Conversation with Weird Norfolk
September 23, 2021

This episode the Wold Newton Triangle pings the paranormal radar, we have listeners stories from Desiree, Sara & Sue and we continue what has now turned into our 3 part Norfolk series to find out just

Burgh Castle
August 12, 2021

This episode we have a haunted Scottish village for sale on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Andy, Selena and Holly and we head back to the coast to visit a haunted Roman fort.

The Ghost Detective
June 22, 2021

We have a ghostly nun haunting a bridge in Huntingdon on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Tracy, Meghan, & Celine, and we can finally break our silence on some fun we had investigating the

The Legend Of Skulking Dudley
April 30, 2021

This episode we have a mummified human heart and The Ghost Detective on the paranormal radar, listeners stories from Tracy, Piers & Samantha and we get our first taste of freedom this year as we escap