It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

It Aint Weak to Speak with Sam Webb

#39 Hugh van Cuylenburg Speaks on Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness

February 16, 2021

My guest today travelled all the way to the far northern parts of India where he had a life changing realisation of what it takes to be truly happy. The founder of The Resilience Project, author and host of the The Imperfects Podcast, Hugh van Cuylenburg grew up in a happy, stable family in Melbourne, Australia. As a teenager, his younger sister was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa which ravaged his whole family and he started searching for ways to find happiness. His journey led him to a small community in India with no water, no electricity, the poorest of conditions and the happiest people he had ever met. Hugh talks about how we can learn from the community in India by appreciating things as they happen and shares some practical tools for how to incorporate gratitude into our everyday lives. He shares his thoughts on what we are doing wrong as a society, the impact of social media and the fact that we spend too much time thinking about the future and worrying about the past.

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