In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

In Your Best Interest (with the Sisemore Law Firm)

Dealing with False and Real Abuse Accusations in Co-Parenting (Ep. 25)

April 03, 2024

Are you facing challenges with co-parenting amidst divorce? Do you fear for your child’s safety due to the other parent’s behavior or have you been falsely accused of abuse?

Listen in as attorney Justin Sisemore and entrepreneur Andrea Jones delve into the legal steps parents can take to ensure their child’s well-being when dealing with threats or allegations of abuse. From identifying different forms of abuse to understanding the evidentiary requirements for emergency relief, Justin and Andrea provide expert insights and practical advice on how to address threats to children’s well-being and respond to false abuse accusations effectively.

Justin and Andrea discuss:

  • What steps can parents legally take to keep their children safe from a threatening co-parent
  • How can parents address false accusations of child abuse or endangerment
  • The importance of gathering evidence before filing for extraordinary relief
  • How to navigate challenges in proving threats made indirectly through phone calls or messages
  • And more!

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