Upturned Table

Upturned Table

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The Weekly LIVE 167 – Hasbro Sells eOne, Card Conjurer Dies, BoA Downgrades Magic, WotC Clarifies OGL, Walking Dead Universe TTRPG and Battletech Humble Bundle
November 28, 2022

Hasbro said its board has authorized a sale process for the part of its eOne TV and film business not directly supporting its branded entertainment strategy following a review of the business initiate

The Weekly LIVE 166 – Atlantic Digital, Troika Reprint, No One D&D OGL, Inclusivity WotC and Heroes of Might & Magic III Boardgame
November 20, 2022

Wargames Atlantic has many highly detailed plastic box sets (37 and counting) They have just announced Atlantic Digital. This new program will release a mix of new products for all 11 of their current

The Weekly LIVE 165 – Star Wars: Shatterpoint Skirmish Game, Regency Cthulhu Expansion by Chaosium, Heroscape Return in Doubt and Edgerunners in Cyberpunk RED
November 13, 2022

Star Wars Skirmish is a new Star Wars miniatures skirmish game coming next year. Atomic Mass Games, the Asmodee Studio that currently produces the Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures ta

The Weekly LIVE 164 – Vallejo Sabotages Army Painter, Hasbro Dicelings, Mantic App Launches and D&D on ESPN
November 06, 2022

Juan Hidalgo at Vallejo may have sabotaged the release of Army Painter Speedpaint by inventing a reactivation issue. Content he made about alternatives to Games Workshops Contrast Paints inaccurate

The Weekly LIVE 163 – Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life Childrens’ Charity, Alien RPG Cinematic Adventure Trilogy, Roll20 Freebies from Roll20Con and World of Darkness Humble Bundle
October 30, 2022

Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life partner to #CHANGEKIDSHEALTH Children-designed Magic: The Gathering cards, Dungeons & Dragons products are available for donations to Childrens Miracle Network Hos

The Weekly LIVE 162 – Paizo PDFs Price Increase, Assassin’s Creed TTRPG by CMON, New Heroquest Hero Collection Expansion, Magic’s Universes Beyond and Mutant Year Zero Skirmish Game
October 24, 2022

Paizo will be raising its PDF prices following an increase in labor to produce them. Previously they just priced PDFs at flat percentage of the print books MSRP. The price increase seems modest and fo

The Weekly LIVE 161 – Asmodee Digital Rebrand, Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg Kickstarter,Renegade Licenses Classic Games from Hasbro and D&D Documentary by Critical Role Player
October 17, 2022

Asmodee Digital rebrands itself as Twin Sails Interactive. With the help of the Embracer Group they plan to leverage their licensed IPs to produce AA console games as well as mobile and PC offerings b

The Weekly LIVE 160 – Judge Dredd Boardgame, Hasbro New Senior VP, Magic: The Gathering Turns 30, Heroscape Pricing and Lego Contest for D&D 50th
October 09, 2022

Games Workshops classic Judge Dredd board game is getting a remake. First released in 1982, Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One was designed by Sir Ian Livingstone co-founder o

The Weekly LIVE 159 – One More Multiverse, Twilight Inscription, Mournblade RPG and Warcrow Adventures
October 01, 2022

One More Multiverse is a new VTT that uses a pixel art style for its assets. They will be releasing a Blades in the Dark module that will include every asset, character and location from the core rule

The Weekly LIVE 158 – Nibelungenlied to Become a Film and Franchise, Dragon wants to be the Netflix of Tabletop Roleplaying, Wizards of the Coast release Afterschool 5E Kits and All South Asian Actual Play Desiquest on Kickstarter
September 25, 2022

One of the major inspirations to Tolkeins Lord of the Rings is becoming and feature film and possible a franchise. Nibelungenlied the first epic poem in German will be produced with the hopes of expa