From the Booth: A Podcast from BYU's International Cinema

From the Booth: A Podcast from BYU's International Cinema

Latest Episodes

F21: week 10 Luis Bunel
November 11, 2021

Co-Director Doug Weatherford and Professor Greg Stallings discus famous film director Luis Bunel.

F21: Week 11 Undine
November 03, 2021

This podcast focuses on Undine (Christian Petzold, 2020). Professor Rob McFarland talks about the way layers of historical memory are embedded within our built environments. He related the folktale at

F21 Week 9: La Llorona
November 02, 2021

Join Co-Director Marc Olivier and Dr. Orquidea Morales discuss the history of La Llorona.

F21: Week 8: Good Morning
October 25, 2021

In this podcast, IC co-director Marc Yamada talks about Yasujiro Ozu’s Good Morning (1959), the place of this film in the filmmaker’s work and in Japanese society.

F21: Week 7 “Indigenous Voices of the Americas.”
October 15, 2021

IC co-director Doug Weatherford talks about the series “Indigenous Voices of the Americas,” the increased number of Indigenous films about Indigenous people and by Indigenous filmmakers, the many lang

F21: Week 6 The Gift and Burden of Years
October 09, 2021

The films at IC this week fit the theme of the Gift and Burden of Years. In our podcast, Professor Corinna Tanner, from the BYU College of Nursing, adresses issues...

F21 Week 5: Silent Films
October 06, 2021

Co-Director Marc Yamada and Former Co-Director Chip Oscarson Discuss the history of silent films and The Artist as well as The Phantom Carriage.

F21 Week 4: War and Reconciliation
September 25, 2021

This week Co-director Doug Weatherford and Cory Leonard, the Associate Director of the BYU Kennedy Center and an expert in the fields of diplomacy and international affairs. discuss the themes...

F21 Week 3: Minari Fall 2021
September 17, 2021

Former IC co-director Chip Oscarson (Interdisciplinary Humanities) guest hosts a conversation with Prof. George Handley (Interdisciplinary Humanities) talking about Minari (Chung 2020), stories of dis

F21 Week 2: Ennio Morricone Scores
September 09, 2021

Co-Directors Marc Yamada and Doug Weatherford discuss Ennio Morricone’s famous scores.