How To Make a Memory

How To Make a Memory

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How to Make Nothing in Your 20s
May 02, 2018

Episode 19 brings some much needed levity after last week's episode. Danielle works at Jen's local library and stops by to talk about a "How To" program that she recently coordinated. Eventually, the two devolve into giggles as they come to the realiza...

How to Make It Through Depression
April 18, 2018

This episode is a bit heavier than most. This week, Jen's friend Jess joins her to talk about using the act of making as a way to cope with depression. They discuss the things that stand in their way when undertaking a new project and the challenges of...

How to Make a Podcasting Family
April 04, 2018

In episode 17, Jen invites two fellow lady podcasters on to talk about making their show, Geekend Amazons. Jen also has a special announcement about the future of her show!

How to Make Italian Easter Pie
March 21, 2018

All about this Italian tradition known as Pizzageana

How to Make an EP
March 07, 2018

Mark Steadman explains how to turn a story into a great song.

How to Make a Legacy
February 21, 2018

"Making things with your hands helps to leave your legacy behind for the people who love you."

How to Make Makers
February 07, 2018

Inspiring the next generation to imagine things into life.

How to Make Digital Art
January 24, 2018

A conversation with The Pixel Wizard

How to Make a Resolution
January 03, 2018

Coming up with the resolutions is the easy part.

How to Make Holiday Traditions
December 13, 2017

Part two of our holiday series. How exactly do you create lasting traditions and memories for your children?