House Planning Help Podcast

House Planning Help Podcast

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HPH315 : Simplifying the delivery of high performance, sustainable homes – with Mike Jacob
May 11, 2022

Mike Jacob explains how Kiss House is using timber component based production to deliver homes to the Passivhaus standard. Check out for more information.

HPH314 : Getting a self build over the finish line, despite setbacks – with Mike Coe
April 13, 2022

Mike Coe gives a final update on his now complete Portree Passivhaus, that has seen budgets stretched, contractors disappear for a year, and a Covid lockdown! Check out for more information.

HPH313 : What input might an engineer have for a Passivhaus self build? – with Gwilym Still
March 18, 2022

Gwilym Still, of Max Fordham engineers, explains how good planning and simplicity can improve a home's performance. Check out for more information.

HPH312 : Building a tiny house with natural materials – with Jeffrey Hart
March 04, 2022

Jeffrey Hart, natural builder and host of the Building Sustainability Podcast, explains what he's learnt designing and crafting his own tiny house.

HPH311 : Should we celebrate architecture that performs poorly?
February 09, 2022

Richard Hawkes from Hawkes Architecture reviews the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of the RIBA House of the Year longlist and asks why we are showcasing poorly performing architecture. Check o

HPH310 : Important takeaways from an exemplar straw panel Passivhaus
January 17, 2022

Juraj Mikurcik, Nick Grant and Mike Whitfield reflect on the award-winning Old Holloway project, which is built with EcoCocon straw panels and is a certified Passivhaus. Check out for more informatio

HPH309 : Keeping costs down by embracing simplicity – with Kirk Rushby and Polly Upton
December 01, 2021

Architects Polly Upton and Kirk Rushby explain how they used their expertise to deliver a striking, high performance home for a very reasonable budget. Check out for more information.

HPH308 : Testing the thermal performance of a house – with Tom Fenton from Veritherm
November 04, 2021

Tom Fenton from Veritherm explains how to test the thermal performance of a home, what this data can reveal and how it can then be used. Check out for more information.

HPH307 : Can you have integrity as a housing developer? – with Mike Webb
October 20, 2021

Mike Webb explains why he chose to build to high ecological standards even though he could've made more money by just complying with building regulations. Check out for more information.

HPH306 : Building an exceptional house beyond the walled garden – with Nigel Dutt
September 28, 2021

Nigel Dutt tells the self build story behind Devon Passivhaus, a Paragraph 55 build. Check out for more information.