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House Planning Help Podcast

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HPH323 : Can I heat my home with an air source heat pump? – with Nathan Gambling
November 16, 2022

Influential podcaster and heating systems expert, Nathan Gambling, explains why choosing the right installer is even more important than selecting the heat pump. Check out for more information.

HPH322 : An EnerPHit standard retrofit of a Victorian mid terrace home – with Guy Hargreaves
November 02, 2022

Homeowner Guy Hargreaves reflects on adapting and expanding his Victorian mid terrace home, retrofitting the whole building to EnerPHit standard. Check out for more information.

HPH321 : How do you make an existing home energy efficient? – with Paul Ciniglio
August 31, 2022

With price hikes being caused by the volatile energy sector, Paul Ciniglio from the National Energy Foundation explains what we can be doing to our homes to reduce our energy consumption and be better

HPH320 : Precision-cut timber frames – with Antoine Costantini from Kithurst Homes
August 17, 2022

Antoine Costantini explains how Kithurst Homes has embraced modern cutting technology to increase efficiency and minimise waste. Check out for more information.

HPH319 : Natural materials and healthy homes – with Tom Woolley
July 22, 2022

Architect, educator and builder, Tom Woolley, takes us through some of the natural construction materials we should be using to build healthier homes. Check out for more information.

HPH318 : Do I need a structural warranty for my self build home?
June 27, 2022

Jake Fitness of Self Build Zone explains what a structural warranty is, and why you might need one on your self build or renovation project.

HPH317 : Getting ambitious with sustainability – with Kit Knowles from Ecospheric
June 17, 2022

Kit Knowles from Ecospheric explains why he is driven to keep pushing further in pursuit of sustainability in building projects. Check out for more information.

HPH316 : Why we must embrace sufficiency – with Lloyd Alter
May 25, 2022

Lloyd Alter explains how we can take personal actions to address our own carbon footprints, and why it's more important to do so than ever. Check out for more information.

HPH315 : Simplifying the delivery of high performance, sustainable homes – with Mike Jacob
May 11, 2022

Mike Jacob explains how Kiss House is using timber component based production to deliver homes to the Passivhaus standard. Check out for more information.

HPH314 : Getting a self build over the finish line, despite setbacks – with Mike Coe
April 13, 2022

Mike Coe gives a final update on his now complete Portree Passivhaus, that has seen budgets stretched, contractors disappear for a year, and a Covid lockdown! Check out for more information.