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Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 17
February 03, 2018

Super weekend is upon us. If you’re like us you’ve been dividing your time evenly between press conferences and the twitter beef! Once again we have a Superbowl featuring the New England Patriots and this year it’s the Philly Eagles stepping on to the gri

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 16
January 20, 2018

We are officially back on itunes after dabbling in the dark arts of Instagram/Facebook Live! We had a blast fielding your questions and hope to be live again soon! For now, kick back and get ready for the Championship round. Will Hoyer have to sub for Bra

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 14
December 24, 2017

Ho Ho Hoooooold up! This season isn’t over just yet! There’s still a handful of teams fighting for their playoff lives and we’ve got the action covered for you here on the Holmgrown Podcast! JMart’s Packers are all but done for, but Roy LT’s Patriots keep

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 13
December 16, 2017

The Trio has been reunited! All the homies were back up in it this week talking about the drama that was week 14 in the NFL. So many emotions. Fantasy tragedies, triumph over injury and unimaginable defeat for a few teams that have looked unstoppable this

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 12
December 09, 2017

Can I get a Ric Flair “Wooo” for Week 13?!! Man Oh man. We’re feeling real good heading into Fantasy Playoffs having spent the last few weeks beefing up our squads. And in the real world, things are heating up as well! The Seahawks are riding high with a

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 10
November 16, 2017

Champions. Winners. GOAT(s). OK, maybe winning just one game doesn’t warrant a ‘Greatest of All Time’ title, but hey – we’re all winners this week on the Holmgrown Podcast and that’s cause for celebration! Pop a bottle or two with us this week as we relis

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 9
November 09, 2017

My lawd! What a week of Ball in the NFL! Jameis Winston has us eating ‘W’s all over the place. We run down the huge games had by the Rams & the Eagles and make some bold predictions for the upcoming week. Stay tuned for our Wildcard preview next week. For

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 8
November 02, 2017

Halftime baby. Head to the Fridge and grab yourself a cold one because you’re gonna wanna be halfcut for this one. The Holmgrown Podcast brings you all things ‘Half’ this Episode as we’ve now reached the midway point of the 2017-18 NFL Season. We hand out

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 7
October 26, 2017

With Halloween right around the corner you know what that meansits almost midseason in the NFL and if you listen really closely you can actually hear the the Boos! Is it a Ghost or just all the India

Holmgrown Podcast Season 3 Episode 6
October 19, 2017

A weekly wrap-up of all things fun and factual in…