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Essential Oil Benefits With Vibrant Blue Founder Jodi Cohen
February 23, 2022

How do you manage your stress and achieve a healthy lifestyle? Listen to this episode as Jodi Sternoff Cohen shares the essential oil benefits that could help with your sleep, digestion, and detoxification processes. Jodi is a bestselling author

Wellness Mama Katie Wells: Healthy Alternatives To Toxic Personal Care Products
February 16, 2022

Personal care products and household cleaning agents can play host to a variety of toxic chemicals. Women tend to use more of these products than men and can potentially be putting over 200 chemicals on their body a day. Luckily, Katie Wells, bestsel

Biologic Dentistry: Dr. Rachaele Carver Explains The Connection Between Oral Health And Disease
February 09, 2022

Evidence shows that oral bacteria is present in the plaques in heart attack victims. In this episode, Dr. Rachaele Carver explains the connection between oral health and disease. Dr. Rachaele is a biological dentist and a certified health coach who p

PLUCK: Revolutionizing Access To Essential Nutrients With James Barry
February 02, 2022

Organ meat is full to the brim with nutrients, yet Americans don't even give it a chance. James Barry aims to change the game through PLUCK, an organ-based seasoning and functional food. He joins Dr. Jack Wolfson to talk about his efforts in revoluti

Thyroid Dysfunction with Elle Russ
January 26, 2022

Have you been sent home by your doctor with a diagnosis and medication, and not gotten better? Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently when medical professionals can’t/won’t take the time to dive into the root cause of conditions. You have 2 options:

Dr. Elena Villanueva On The Secret To Healing
January 19, 2022

Dr. V brilliantly weaves science and spirituality in the treatment of chronic diseases and mental health conditions. In this day and age of fear, anxiety, and stress the physical toll on the body is manifesting into disease. Listen in as she and Dr. Jack

Dr. Jessica Peatross: How Stealth Infections Sabotage Heart Health
January 12, 2022

Stealth infections such as Lyme disease and mold can cause cardiac symptoms like high blood pressure and arrhythmias. In today’s episode, Dr. Jess Peatross joins Dr. Lattanza to discuss these potential root causes for disease in the body. Dr. Jess ex

Robb Wolf Shares Why Modern Industrial Food Is Destroying Our Health
January 05, 2022

In this episode, Robb Wolf joins Dr. Wolfson to discuss how the industrialization of food has left us with an overabundance of calories but a severe deficit of nutrients.The author of The Paleo Solution, Wired To Eat, and co-author of Sacred Cow discusses

Intermittent Fasting With Dr. Amy Shah: The Key To Metabolic Flexibility
December 29, 2021

In today’s episode, Dr. Amy Shah joins Dr. Lattanza to discuss how intermittent fasting can be a life changing tool when it comes to resetting your metabolism. She explains why people may struggle with incorporating this routine into their life

EMF Expert Brian Hoyer Shares the Dangers Behind Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation
December 22, 2021

More and more information is surfacing about the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies on our health. In this episode, Dr. Lauren Lattanza interviews EMF expert and founder of Shielded Healing, Brian Hoyer. Listen in as they discuss varying freq