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The HeadStuff Podcast | International Women's Day 2018 Music Special
March 08, 2018

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, music editor Andrea Cleary hosts a special episode of the HeadStuff Podcast. Andrea chats feminism, pop music, and the Irish music scene with some of the journalists, musicians, DJ's and critics making a pos...

43. Niall McCann | Writer, Director, Documentarian
March 02, 2017

On this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we welcome Niall McCann, writer and director of the new documentary Lost in France. I’m joined in studio by HeadStuff Film Editor Peter Morris to chat with Niall McCann.

InHouse #6 | Oscars 2017
February 24, 2017

I know, I know, we’ve been neglecting you, and we’re still undecided as to the overall direction of this podcast, but we just had to make an episode for Oscars 2017, so here we are. If you listened to our InHouse Oscar podcast from last year you’ll kno...

42. Barry Crimmins
September 26, 2016

I first became aware of Barry Crimmins when he appeared on the WTF! with Marc Maron podcast, his story was also on another podcast I listen to, which I can’t remember right now. He talked about being raped and abused as a child,

41. Saul Williams + Lingo
June 17, 2016

Yes, that Saul Williams. And yes, I can barely contain myself. Saul Williams is thusly described on Wikipedia: Saul Stacey Williams (born February 29, 1972) is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, poet, writer, and actor.

40. DJ Kormac
May 20, 2016

I was absolutely thrilled to talk to uber-talented DJ, musician, producer, all-round-sound-head, Kormac. I have been a big fan of Kormac for well over a decade. I was charged with organising the Graduation Party for my year in college,

39. Aine Cahill
May 10, 2016

Aine Cahill drops into HPN studio this week to talk about lots of things. It eventually ends with puke in a pint glass but there’s a journey before all that. We talk about growing up in Cavan, how she got into music (and out of sport),

38. Richie O’Donnell (Atlantic)
April 27, 2016

Richie O’Donnell is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His previous documentary, The Pipe was released to great acclaim and has now been followed by ‘Atlantic’. The latest documentary is ambitious in scope with Ireland,

April 15, 2016

On this episode of The HeadStuff Podcast we’re basically trying to figure out if any of the candidates in the US Election will be able to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I’m joined by Gordon and Paul who host their own podcast called Those Conspiracy Guys.

36. Wyvern Lingo
April 07, 2016

We have the wonderful Wyvern Lingo on the podcast this week. They first came to prominence by their association with Hozier, supporting him on his tour and doing backing vocals with his band (Karen also sings on the hauntingly beautiful duet 'In A Week...