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Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 05/05/21
May 05, 2021

Hey! A first, a last with some blasts from the past.. enjoy the show!Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Michael Durham – his first Harmony live remote 10p – Breaker 1 Nine – archive (here’s where the past… Continue Reading Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 05/05/21

Wednesday Webcast 04/21/21
April 21, 2021

So.. you probably know Phlip. DJ Phlip. Fleapay. Chocklit Shtick. F*Santiago. A Deejay Called Phlip. We ALLLL do. And no one can make sense of the news that he is gone. Everyone has a Phlip… Continue Reading Wednesday Webcast 04/21/21

Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 04/14/21
April 14, 2021

It’s a fine night tonight, with a couple of original Harmony dj’s that we always turn loose without a blink. Life is good, so turn it up. Enjoy!Tonight’s Lineup:DJ Ddot – Harmony – placing bets… Continue Reading Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 04/14/21

Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 03/31/21
March 31, 2021

Tonight we hand you, not surf & turf, but something like it. Drum&bass and House with all the trimmings. Enjoy!Tonight’s Lineup:Recess – Northshore Drum&Bass Collective – soulful d&bMellow Mellon – Electra (& elsewhere) – house… Continue Reading Live R...

live remote wednesday 03/03/21
March 03, 2021

Y’ALL! LOOK! From Durango, Colorado, Slidell, Louisiana, and way down 280, we have quite a night for you! Enjoy the show! And subscribe to the podcast from our website, (also a great place to… Continue Reading live remote wednesday 03/03/21

Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 02/24/21
February 24, 2021

Hey! Tonight we’re live remote with Drim Drangle – as a dj, which is how so many of us first got to know him

Live Remote Wednesday Webcast – 02/10/21
February 10, 2021

So excited! First time back in years for an original Harmony DJ, Dave Bennett aka Shangri La! And the newest from Aleatorien! Enjoy the show!Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Shangri La – Harmony – drum&bass10p – Aleatorien… Continue Reading Live Remote Wednesday ...

Live Remote Wednesday – 02/03/21
February 03, 2021

Tonight we’re starting 2021 with something we always want – three live (remote) sets from three great guys who play very different styles. Love it. And we’re working on a surprise face for next week,… Continue Reading Live Remote Wednesday – 02/03/21

Wednesday’s flashbacks 12/02/20
December 03, 2020

Hey! Tonight we’re going back a few years, to Christmas week 2017, with Breaker 1-9 and Slade Silva. We’re late enough getting started tonight that we’ll stick with two sets. Subscribe to the podcast if… Continue Reading Wednesday’s flashbacks 12/02/20

Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 11/18/20
November 18, 2020

Tonight’s gonna be pretty cool – Aleatorien has a new set (wonder what parameters they gave themselves this time?), and Mellow Mellon is BACK from the BRINK to give us his ever-changing sound and lights.… Continue Reading Live Remote Wednesday Webcast ...