Half Hour of Heterodoxy

Half Hour of Heterodoxy

Final Episode

August 12, 2021

This is a bittersweet moment for us. Today is our final and brief episode of this podcast. We will be shifting our energy to focus solely on our new podcast, Heterodox Out Loud, where we bring the most compelling and thought-provoking pieces from our selection of over 350 Heterodox Academy blogs, along with exclusive interviews with our blog authors. We hope to see you on the other feed!

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HxA Top Picks: Five of the most thought provoking episodes from Half Hour of Heterodoxy:

1. Becoming Culturally Intelligent with Maria Dixon Hall

2. Social Research and Political Bias with Musa al-Gharbi

3. On Paradigms in Sociology with Arthur Sakamoto

4. The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society with Nicholas Christakis

5. What is Moral Grandstanding with Brandon Warmke & Justin Tosi