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Green File

Green File Episode 3: Ben speaks with Jody Allair of Birds Canada

June 25, 2020

Jody Allair is an avid birder and naturalist who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. Jody has been birding and banding since his teens, when he began volunteering at Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO).

After university, Jody spent two years as LPBO’s Landbird Program Coordinator, and a season as the Migration Program Manager at Thunder Cape Bird Observatory. From 2004-06, he worked as a Science Educator for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, and in his spare time ran birdwatching courses and field trips through Calgary’s Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

Jody returned to Birds Canada in 2006 and is now the Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement and delivers various education and outreach programs to audiences across Canada. He has banded owls on CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, spoken about Canada Jays at Ideacity, is a regular contributor on the American Birding Association podcast and has written numerous articles on birds, birding and connecting with nature.

You can find Jody on twitter @jodyallair

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