Examining The Dead

Examining The Dead

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Examining The Dead #29
June 16, 2021

Horror brings in big bucks at the box office and video game sales. Plus a look at the "found footage" genre and how it was inspired by classic literature and mockumentaries.

31 Horror Movies For Halloween
October 31, 2020

31 lesser-known movies to bust out for a Halloween party

Examining The Dead #26
October 18, 2020

A TON of hows and movies to watch, and a rundown of alignments from a horror perspective

Halloween Sampler
October 01, 2020

A look at what's to come in October from Geekville Radio

COVID-19 delaying movies, The Car & Maximum Overdrive Reviews, Chatanooga FIlm Festival
June 20, 2020

COVID-19 has caused the delay of several anticipated horror releases. Reviews of The Car and Maximum Overdrive. Plus, the return of Dan "The Dragon" Wilson

31 Horror Movie Trailers For Halloween
October 30, 2019

31 horror trailers of many hidden gems and cult favorites

Halloween 2019
October 14, 2019

Marvel's Helstrom, Addams Family movie, StrangerThigns 3, and Friday The 13th Vengeance

June 2019: Reviews of Halloween and The Rite, Essential Godzilla Viewing
June 08, 2019

Reviews of the 2018 Halloween Sequel, and 2011's The Rite. Plus, essemtial Godzilla movies to prep for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Friday The 13th Lawsuit, Halloween sequel, Dan Wilson's One Good Scare
October 07, 2018

WARNING: Examining The Dead is Geekville Radio’s only explicit rated show. Content is meant for mature audiences. Well it’s been a long few months, but Examining The Dead is back just in time for Halloween.

Haunted House Attractions
March 13, 2018

A look into Horror Entertainment