Freedom in Healthy Living

Freedom in Healthy Living

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005. Practical Strategy 4 Think About Movement Differently
June 17, 2020

Moving your body for Your Best Health doesn't have to include weeks filled with high intensity workouts that don't work. Shift your mindset to think about movement as any type of activity that increases your heart rate and/or challenges your muscles.

004.5 BONUS episode – The big 6 – the nutrients your body needs
June 08, 2020

The nutrients you need to keep your body running at top performance!

004. Practical Strategy 3 Think About food Differently
June 04, 2020

Think About Food Differently

003. Practical Strategy 2 Think About Your Body Differently
May 28, 2020

Show Notes Ensure your WTF (initial wellness goal) and Personal ID Statement are in alignment.  Ideal state is that your WTF is a change to your actions or behavior that will bring you one step closer to becoming the "You" described in your ID State...

002. Practical Strategy 1 Think Differently
May 19, 2020

You Must Learn a New Way to Think Before You Can Master a New Way To Be.

001. Are You Ready?
May 07, 2020

Introductory episode with an interactive path designed to help you answer the first question of any lifestyle change...Are You Ready?