Freedom in Healthy Living

Freedom in Healthy Living

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S2 001. Are You the Effort or the Outcome?
September 28, 2020

Learn how focusing on the journey and getting clarity on your destination will make you unstoppable in your quest for Finding Freedom in Healthy Living!

S2 000. What’s It Gonna Take? Pre-Season Episode
September 16, 2020

Does change HAVE to be painful?  Or scary? Does change HAVE to be a huge, swooping transformation in order for it to be worth doing? NO! Change can happen over time, with small, exciting shifts that you can start making today to begin the process tow...

S1 009. Do You Live to Eat or Eat to Live?
August 27, 2020

Do you live to eat? Or eat to live? Is food at the center of everything you do or are you intentional and focused on feeding your body nutritious foods based on your daily activities? Is there a right way or a wrong way? Tune in and find out!

S1 008. Are You Sleeping?
July 31, 2020

Our body works 24/7 to keep us alive and healthy. And, while we're snoozing our brain and body are especially busing recharging and rebuilding from the day's stressors. How can you get more sleep? Total Wellness Coach, Rebecca,

S1 007. Getting Started – Taking your first step
July 17, 2020

Don't let time pass YOU by! In today's Freedom in Healthy Living Podcast we reflect on the wise words of Earl Nightingale who said, "Never give up on a goal because of the time it takes to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

S1 006. The Final Practical Strategy
July 07, 2020

Pull all 5 Practical Strategies together in a single episode! We'll unveil Practical Strategy #5 and talk about how to apply each of the strategies to daily life. You'll find Freedom in Healthy Living in no time!

S1 005. Practical Strategy 4 – Think About Movement Differently
June 17, 2020

Moving your body for Your Best Health doesn't have to include weeks filled with high intensity workouts that don't work. Shift your mindset to think about movement as any type of activity that increases your heart rate and/or challenges your muscles.

S1 BONUS Episode – The Big 6 – Nutrients Your Body Needs
June 08, 2020

The nutrients you need to keep your body running at top performance!

S1 004. Practical Strategy 3 – Think About Food Differently
June 04, 2020

Think About Food Differently

S1 003. Practical Strategy 2 – Think About Your Body Differently
May 28, 2020

Show Notes Ensure your WTF (initial wellness goal) and Personal ID Statement are in alignment.  Ideal state is that your WTF is a change to your actions or behavior that will bring you one step closer to becoming the "You" described in your ID State...