For the Love of Climbing

For the Love of Climbing

28: Brittany

July 01, 2021

In 2017, a forty-foot fall broke Brittany’s L1 vertebrae, sending a piece of bone into her spinal cord. She describes it as one of those surreal dreams where you wake up and think, “Thank God—that wasn’t me standing in my underwear in front of the entire classroom. It wasn’t real.” Except, after she woke up—shit got real. But Brittany has been gritting her way through life long before her accident. Most people run from a past like Brittany’s. But after falling forty feet, Brittany didn’t have that option. Despite her disability, she’s held fast—and what Brittany soon found was a community within para-climbing.

For the Love of Climbing is brought to you by Deuter USAGnarly NutritionAllez OutdoorsFirst Ascent Coffee, and presented by Patagonia.

Music by: Kakurenbo and Podington Bear. A HUGE thank you to Chad Crouch for creating absolute magic and to Peter Darmi for mixing this episode.

Cover photo by Kika MacFarlane.

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