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Finish It!

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Ep. 86. The Forbidden Castle: Week Ten Low Chooch Factor
December 10, 2019

WARNING! WARNING! This episode is all about these Yule boys having a real Philosopher Knight fixation! Will they end up choosing the same read? Yes! But for how long? A long time! But all the way? There's only one way to find out! (Listen!)

Ep. 85. The Forbidden Castle: Week Nine Steam on the Water
December 03, 2019

This week, the brothers hustle through the bottleneck to great adventure! Chris takes the coward's route to a life of music! Matt hurts his leg! To death!

Ep. 84. Thankschoosing 2: Put Some Gravy On It
November 27, 2019

For the very first time, Chris and Matt revisit a holiday tradition! It's time for another Thanksgiving nightmare, and you have no choice but to sit and listen politely. Just like at real Thanksgiving!

Ep. 83. The Forbidden Castle: Week Eight Apologies to Stillwell
November 19, 2019

This week the brothers say BOTTLENECK BE DARNED as they eschew the long road to France in favor of thrilling adventures closer to home. But wait - are there even two more endings left to find in the front half of this book?!

Ep. 82. The Forbidden Castle: Week Seven The Great Bottleneck
November 12, 2019

This week, Matt is adventureteased by a whole different king, Chris gets straight Tolkien-ed up a tree, and Michelle has absolutely had it with the both of them.

Ep. 81. The Forbidden Castle: Week Six Philosopher Knyquil
November 05, 2019

This week, Matt finally reveals the devious mastertease perpetrated upon him in his read last week, and Chris has an EPIC adventure and I'm not even joking about that, it's awesome.

Ep. 80. Haunted Halloween Party
October 29, 2019

This week forget about castles and mad kings and Go-with-Garths! It's time to embrace the spooktacular with a surprise Haunted Halloween Party adventure! So break out your three-eyed pig head masks and get ready to party, monster style.

Ep. 79. The Forbidden Castle: Week Five Yo Stop the Execution
October 22, 2019

This week, the brothers Yule find a loop in the narrative! That's right, they BOTH find the SAME loop! Does that mean they have the same read AGAIN? Is it sad pizza party time again? How bad are these goofs at reading these books I mean come on!

Ep. 78. The Forbidden Castle: Week Four with Mike from Back to the Futurama!
October 15, 2019

This week, Chris and Matt are joined by Mike from the Back to the Futurama podcast and everything is epic! Epic reads! Epic quiz times! An epic (and disgusting) pizza party update! Even an epic podcast announcement from Mike that is not to be missed! Talk

Ep. 77. The Forbidden Castle: Week Three Fantasy Blast
October 08, 2019

This week, Chris unveils a groundbreaking new process for exploring interactive fiction. And it involves centaurs! Matt finds himself in the "hot seat," and Chris finds himself in the "also-gets-executed" seat! Plus, here's hoping you like Chris because t