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Avengers Crossover: Garfield of the Galaxy – Part Deux
June 21, 2018

We have reached the climax! Some of you might’ve reached it last episode… ANYWAY, it is here. The epic conclusion of the space saga known as “Garfield of the Galaxy,” written by famous fanfiction author ShakespeareHemmingway.

The Ultimate Avengers Crossover: Garfield of the Galaxy – Part 1
June 19, 2018

We’re closing our Infinity War series with a BANG. (Or a Thanos snap?) This is it, folks. The week you’ve all been waiting for. 12.3 billion people watched Avengers: Infinity War. And it’s all built up to this moment, on this podcast.

How Deadpool Enters the Infinity Wars
June 13, 2018

We know you loved Infinity War but WHAT about Deadpool?? We didn’t forget about him, so relax! In this episode, Jackie and Mark feature a fun short story from fanfiction author E.G.Fate called “How Deadpool Enters the Infinity Wars.” And yeah,

How “Avengers: Infinity War” Should Have Ended
June 11, 2018

Today we live our OWN Infinity War as Net Neutrality is officially dead. What a fitting time to feature our first of three Avengers: Infinity War episodes! We’re all still reeling from what was the amazingness of the movie.

Erotic Fanfiction Showdown: The Buffy Edition
June 07, 2018

It’s a Buffy episode without Buffy. But that’s OK! We don’t NEED Buffy! Because in this episode, Mark and Jackie are bringing the goods anyway! THIS… is The Erotic Fanfiction Showdown! We’ll set this up. A couple weeks ago, in May,

Fanfiction Nation Redux
June 06, 2018

Fanfiction Nation has returned from its nap! Did you miss us?? In this return episode of Fanfiction Nation, we bid a fond farewell to our co-founder Kyle Andrews (check out the Changes blog post on our website for the updates) and introduce Miss Jaclyn...

Donald Trump Fanfiction Inspired by March For Our Lives
March 19, 2018

Donald Trump has returned to make fanfiction great again. That’s right. Thanks to Donald Trump, Fanfiction Nation takes to the streets this week with an episode inspired by ‘March For Our Lives’ (taking place March 24th, 2018),

Fanfic Maker 101: We Experiment Making Randomly Generated Crackfics (So You Don’t Have To)
March 12, 2018

Have you ever heard Fanfic Maker? Whether you said yes or no, trust us, YOU’RE IN FOR A TREAT! As you may know, there are a gazillion fanfic sites where you can enter in character names and story ideas, and they’ll populate into a story for you. So,

Jessica Jones: A Marvel College Textravaganza
March 05, 2018

We’re celebrating Jessica Jones and its return to Netflix! Jessica Jones is back on Netflix and we are exxxxciiiiited. So much so, in fact, that we’ve dedicated a whole episode to her this week. Kyle and Mark share a fanfic from guest author theshippin...

Keanu Reeves Proudly Presents Our Oscars Episode
February 26, 2018

It’s time for the Oscars, bay-bay! That’s right, just like last year, we’re back with another Oscars edition of the podcast. And just like last year, Kyle doesn’t know a fucking thing about the Best Picture nominees.