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Expensive Advice with Adam Rundle

E20 Entrepreneurial Success After A Recession with Missy Livingston

September 07, 2022

Missy Livingston is the Owner of Twisted Wares, an adult gifts maker that applies pun-intended phrases, jokes, and witty graphics on otherwise everyday, practical, and functional household items. They sell everything from towels and tote bags to car air fresheners, notepads, and coasters. Before starting Twisted Wares, Missing was a realtor who was on a path to success in the early 2000s until the recession of 2008. She learned about Etsy and the opportunity to start a sewn manufacturing business. Missy’s first product was what she now calls the Hang Tight Towels, a towel designed to stay put without snaps, Velcro, or buttons.

Missy joins me to describe how Twisted Wares started and why towels were her first products. She shares her professional experience before the 2008 recession and how their family coped with the loss of their real estate business. She explains the events that led her to become an entrepreneur on Etsy and how she learned to scale her sewn manufacturing business. Missy also discusses why she dreams of selling her business, the value of asking ridiculous questions, and what’s next for Twisted Wares.


“I always expect a ‘no’ when I ask something outrageous. But there’s nothing wrong with: ‘why is it a no? Can I help solve that problem for you so that you can give me a ‘yes?’” – Missy Livingston


This week on the Expensive Advice Podcast:

  • Missy’s real estate background and why she pursued it in the past
  • How the 2008 recession affected her family’s finances and business
  • Why there are a lot of opportunities in America if you’re just open to them
  • How success looks to Missy today compared to when she was a realtor
  • What started Missy’s Etsy career
  • The challenges of having a sewn manufacturing business online
  • Why Missy recommends asking the ridiculous questions
  • How successful Missy’s towel business is today
  • What’s in the pipeline for Missy
  • Why Missy wants to sell her towel business


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