Expensive Advice with Adam Rundle

Expensive Advice with Adam Rundle

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What It Takes To Bring A Startup To Life with Andrew Gazdecki
February 22, 2023

Andrew Gazdecki is the CEO of MicroAcquire, a company that helps startups get acquired in as little as 30 days. The company has closed over $ 500 million worth of deals and aims to establish itself as

E37 Separating Yourself from Your Personal Branded Business
February 13, 2023

Selling a business is often a standard process, but not if youre selling a personal branded businessespecially if it has your name on it. The awkward and complex processes involved in transferring o

E36 Planning around The Perfect P&L
February 06, 2023

The overarching goal of every business plan is to make more money. One of the critical ways of determining if your company is operating on a profit is by checking its profit and loss statement (P&L).

E35 Risks of Buying a Personalized Brand of Business with the Advisory Team
January 23, 2023

Buying a company is always excitingthe prospects of growth and inheriting something already established and ready on day one can offset the pressure of starting a business from scratch. However, part

E34 Knowing Price and Value from a Buyer and Seller Perspective
January 16, 2023

Business owners tend to overvalue their companies when its time to sell them, which can be a problem when a buyer is interested and both parties collide on how much the business really costs. To avoi

E33 Ten Common Mistakes in Acquisitions with the Advisory Team
December 21, 2022

Whether youre on the selling or buying side of an acquisition, the details in between can get a little too complex if you dont have the right people giving you advice along the way. That is why ther

E32 The Process of Managing Change with Adam Rundle
December 09, 2022

Being a good leader means adapting to disruptions and initiating changes that benefit the organization and its people in the long term. However, conjuring optimal transformations and actually applying

E31 Planning for Parenthood and Beyond with Kaitlyn Carlson
November 30, 2022

EA031 - Planning for Parenthood and Beyond with Kaitlyn Carlson - Kaitlyn Carlson, CFP, CEPA, AWMA, is the CEO and founder of Theory Planning Partners, a boutique wealth advising company that cater

E30 Debt’s Impact on the Selling Process with the Advisory Team
November 22, 2022

EA030 - Debt's Impact on the Selling Process with the Advisory Team - - When a company needs to scale, it will almost always incur debt. This adds a layer of risk when purchasing a company, as you a

E29 The Intersection of Fitness and Parenting with Sean Pastuch
November 10, 2022

Sean Pastuch is the founder and CEO of the company Active Life, the self-described bridge between healthcare and fitness. Sean conceived Active Life out of the need to innovate the current medical mod