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Enhanced Therapy Podcast

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“Manual for Psychedelic Guides” with Mark Haden – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #10
February 01, 2022

Working within the Harm Reduction approach, Mark Haden (Director of Research@ PsyGen, Professor of Public Health@ UBC, and Former Executive Director of MAPS Canada) discusses his book "Manual for Ps

“BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Drug Laws Amended to Allow Restricted Access to MDMA-Assisted Therapy” with Scott Bernstein – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #9
January 08, 2022

Scott Bernstein, a drug policy and human rights lawyer, discusses the January 5, 2022 news-making amendment to Canadian drug laws that has direct implications for access to MDMA Assisted Therapy. Is t

“There’s no casual MDMA experience” with Andrea Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #8
September 05, 2021

What a great chat with Dr. Andrea Jungaberle,the co-founder of Berlin's MIND Foundation, one of the largest European psychedelic-assisted therapy thinktanks. With her very thoughtful and cautionary a

“Inside the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training Program” with Shannon Carlin – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #7
August 04, 2021

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has just launched the worlds first and much anticipated MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training Program.

“The most important MDMA-Assisted Therapy study to date” with Ingmar Gorman – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #6
July 22, 2021

New York psychologist Ingmar Gorman, one of the principal investigators on FDA approval research for MDMA-Assisted Therapy, discusses recent results from a pivotal study that some argue might revoluti

“MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Abuse” with Ben Sessa – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #5
April 30, 2021

An MDMA Therapy pioneer, a UK psychiatrist Ben Sessa, discusses groundbreaking novel research on MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Abuse.

“A Personal Account of the Healing Power of MDMA Therapy” with Lori Tipton – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #4
April 16, 2021

In this episode, Lori describes how MDMA-Assisted Therapy helped her heal trauma. Lori is awash in gratitude and clarity of rare proportions. This is a powerful personal testimony that is bound to ope

“MDMA, Oxytocin, and Healing Broken Bonds” with Gül Dölen – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #3
December 16, 2020

Gl describes recent ground-breaking neuroscientific discoveries that explain how MDMA-Assisted Therapy might heal relationships.

Enhanced Therapy PODCAST Launch Episode #1 – “MDMA-Assisted Therapy 2020” with Rick Doblin
December 02, 2020

I am thrilled to be launching this podcast, the goal of which is to provide you with high quality educational information related to MDMA-Assisted Therapy, and in a broader sense other Psychedelic-Ass

“Inside Berlin’s MIND Foundation” with Henrik Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #2
November 25, 2020

Berlin's MIND Foundation is one of Europe's largest psychedelic therapy organizations with global aspirations. MIND has a range of amazing programs for therapists, academics, and anyone else intereste