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Eat This Podcast

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Honey and Adulteration
November 13, 2023

Why is honey the world’s third most-adulterated food? Because adulteration delivers profits.

Fat, Sugar, Salt
October 30, 2023

Before he uncovered "Nutrition Science's Most Preposterous Result," David Johns had already dug into reports on salt and sugar.

Jewish Food in Rome
October 16, 2023

The Jewish Community of Rome arrived before the Christian Era and has never left. Its cuisine was created by hardship and ingenuity.

Small Dairy
October 02, 2023

If youre lucky enough to live in the right place, you may be able to experience real, fresh, whole milk.

Food Riots in England
September 18, 2023

When youve got nothing, youve got nothing to lose ... except your life

Milk is not a Superfood
September 04, 2023

The first celebrity doctor's fad diet is still going strong today, 300 years later, and it has a lot to answer for.

Pomegranates & Artichokes
June 05, 2023

It is about migrations: of ingredients, of recipes, of stories but most importantly of the people who make them.

Why Did the Artist Cross the Chicken?
May 22, 2023

Accumulating the genetic diversity of birds around the world in a population of truly cosmopolitan chickens

Feeding the People in Wartime Britain
May 08, 2023

Once upon a time, government made it possible for people to get a good meal at a reasonable price.

What is Wrong with Biofortification
April 24, 2023

Yields are generally lower than those of unfortified varieties and theres little evidence it works. Biofortification is a waste of land and money.