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DrBill.TV #501 – Video – The Antenna Reflector and ISP Shoot-Out Edition!
November 17, 2021

My experience adding Antennas Direct Clearstream 4Max reflectors to my antennas; we do an ISP comparison: T-Mobile, Spectrum, Northstate. I discuss Supergirl ‘Wokeness’, consider the ‘Linus Tech Tips’

DrBill.TV #500 – Video – The 500th Episode Edition!
October 01, 2021

On the 500th Episode of the Dr. Bill.TV Show, Dr. Bill and his son, the GameMaster, discuss popular TV, Movies, Anime, and other entertainment of the day, as tradition dictates! (Every 100 episodes th

DrBill.TV Special – Video – Two Ways to Conquer Condo Cord Cutting!
September 15, 2021

Dr. Bill shows us a ‘how to’ on cord cutting for someone living in a condominium that wants to watch OTA (‘Over the Air’) TV! He shows us two methods, one totally INSIDE the condo, and one actually OU

DrBill.TV #499 – Video – The Can Locast Be Saved Edition!
September 03, 2021

Dr. Bill shares with us the issues involved in the Locast shutting down court case, and whether there are any chances for a similar broadcast-to-Internet service to emerge. (Sep 03, 2021) Links that p

DrBill.TV #498 – Video – The Windows 11 Alternatives Edition!
August 28, 2021

Don’t want to be ‘stuck’ when Windows 11 comes out? What if you have perfectly good, but ‘older’ hardware? Here are some alternative operating systems you may want to consider! (Aug 28, 2021) Links th

DrBill.TV #497 – Video – The Old Tech Dies, New Tech Lives Edition!
July 29, 2021

The 2021 Blackmagic Design Event rollout of new tech, new 4K Studio Cameras, and more! Meanwhile old tech is dying! 1st Gen Kindles will be bricked by year’s end, and what ‘old tech’ is being removed

DrBill.TV #496 – Video – The Elgato Event Plus Your Network Security with Pi-Hole Edition!
July 17, 2021

The 2021 Elgato Streaming Event, new Amazon FireTV interface, Pi-Hole DNS re-direct for security, the WPAD vulnerability, GSotW: Signal Secure SMS Client, Microsoft Windows 365 Desktop-in-the-Cloud, p

DrBill.TV #495 – Video – The Audacity of Big Tech Edition!
July 12, 2021

Dr. Bill discusses what has happened to the Open Source ‘Audacity’ project recently and the Open Source community’s reaction to that fiasco, and his opinion on how Microsoft may NOT necessarily hate u

DrBill.TV #494 – Video – The Microsoft AND Windows Are Evil Edition!
June 28, 2021

A first look at Windows 11, Duck Duck Go improves on-line privacy, GS0tW: USB Oblivion! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Microsoft steals an Open Source project for their updater, the June 24th Windo

DrBill.TV #493 – Video – The Ventoy is a Cool Utility Edition!
June 15, 2021

Walmart is officially now selling its Android TV streamers, Locast launches in Raleigh-Durham, NC, video link on the new features of Android 12, Beta 2, GSotW: Ventoy! Loki starts on Disney+! (Jun 15, 2021) Links that pertain to this Netcast: TechPodca...