Deconstructing Damsels

Deconstructing Damsels

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Episode 51: Firefighter Dragon's Next Door Mate
October 21, 2021

Host Jessica is joined by frequent guest Courtney as they discuss a firefighter dragon in love for dragonshifter month. Thanks to Patrons The Elms Sisters, Kelly of Boobies & Noobies, Kerry of Muppet Profiles, and Lilith Darville! Find Courtney &

Episode 50: Must Love Dragons
October 10, 2021

Host Jessica is joined by returning guest Kerry to  kick off a fiery, scaly and winged Halloween month. Wanna find out more? Well --- to proceed, you must love dragons... Find Kerry on Twitter @KerryBrary and her podcast Muppet Profiles @MuppetProfiles .

Episode 49: Breaking Badger
August 31, 2021

Jessica breaks down badger love in Shelly Laurenston's latest Pride spinoff. How much did she enjoy the advanced reader copy ?  Also: Find out what's to come for Halloween month! Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston is out August 31st, available at all ma

Episode 48: Dear Enemy
August 07, 2021

Jessica returns with an enemies to lovers trope in Dear Enemy, the first in Kristen Callihan's current Amazon series. Does Macon Saint deserve Delilah Baker? Let's find out! Jessica's review of "Make it Sweet":

Summer Days
July 14, 2021

Look! An Update! Find out where host Jessica's been, what's going on, and what the near future holds for this podcast in this brief update. Thanks to Patrons The Elms Sisters, Kelly of Boobies & Noobies, Holly Mortimer, and Lilith Darville! Challengin

Bonus Mini-sode: Ariadne by Jennifer Saint
May 04, 2021

In this mini-episode, host Jessica discusses relationships in Jennifer Saint's debut novel Ariadne. Find out why this novel inspired her to create a bonus episode even though it is not a romance. After all, greek myths seldom grant a HEA. Written Review o

Episode 47: Ever After (featuring Abigail Kelly of Kingdom of Thirst)
April 30, 2021

Host Jessica is joined by Abigail Kelly (hailing from The Kingdom of Thirst) to take a look at one of the best romance movies of the 90s: Ever After. Together, they take a look what made the film have a lasting legacy to this day. Naturally, there are als

Episode 46: Dance with me at Midnight by Samantha Holt
April 17, 2021

Host Jessica kicks off the month of Cinderella with  "Dance With Me At Midnight" by Samantha Holt wherein the heroine Eloise provides a menagerie of experiences. Also: Jessica drops hints at what's to come when in terms of new projects. Maybe you could fi

Episode 45: The Princess Bride
March 31, 2021

Join host Jessica and guest Kerry as they deconstruct distressed Buttercup in The Princess Bride. Find out who they would fancast in a modern take of this beloved kissing tale. Find Muppet Profiles at: (and wherever you

Episode 44 - Fury Rising by Barbra Annino
March 18, 2021

In this episode Host Jessica highlights a grumpy Fury with a penchant for murder and orange Gatorade. What makes Tisi so ragey? Listen and find out - for all true crime fans. Other highlights include an upcoming theme, what to do about ever after, and a m