Dear Rochester, Retire Well

Dear Rochester, Retire Well

Purchasing Practices Part 2: Answering Our FAQ With Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP® (Ep. 69)

October 18, 2023

So you’re ready to retire and want to sell and transition your practice, but you have a few questions. Well, guess what? We have answers.

In this episode, David Pulcini and Joe Prestigiacomo from Six Point Financial Partners discuss the process of buying practices and answer frequently asked questions from advisors looking to sell their businesses or have a succession plan. They cover topics such as the process for buying a practice, keeping staff during the transition, and how to transition clients. They emphasize the importance of multiple meetings to ensure a good fit, the value of keeping staff members during the transition, and the timeline for transitioning clients.

David and Joe go over: 

  • A brief review of what their practice purchasing process looks like
  • Answers to 6 of the top FAQ questions / If they’ll keep your staff and why
  • How they actually transition clients and how long it takes
  • When and how the advisor gets paid when they transition their practice
  • What they’ll do with your office
  • What they need from you for the transition
  • Whats coming up next on Dear Rochester, Retire Well
  • And more


Purchasing Practices Part 1: Our Process With Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP® (Ep. 68)

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About our Guest: 

Joe Prestigiacomo, CFP®, Partner at Six Point Financial, began his career in the financial services industry in 2012, and today he provides comprehensive financial guidance to clients. Joe focuses on developing retirement income strategies and personalized risk management assessments and solutions. Along with his knowledge and experience, his commitment to an outstanding level of client service is an integral part of his practice that he prides himself on. By developing a deep understanding of his clients’ individual situations, Joe is able to help them make well-informed financial decisions with confidence.


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