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Dakota Spotlight Podcast

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Quick Update #1 - A Better Search for Barbara
April 12, 2021

Season 5, Episode 11  Just a very quick update to let you know that the Dakota Spotlight Facebook Group is unavailable to me now because for some reason my facebook account has been suspended.  All the Barbara Cotton content is just gone,...

For the Love of Our Daughters - A Better Search for Barbara
April 07, 2021

Season 5, Episode 10 While humans at NASA plan to fly a Helicopter on Mars and the community of Williston prepares to celebrate Barbara's life in Recreation Park on Sunday April, 11, 2021, podcast host James Wolner asks if it isn't time for humans to...

The Evil That Lurks - A Better Search for Barbara Louise Cotton
March 29, 2021

Season 5, Episode 9 Frank J. Delapena lived in Williston when Barb Cotton went missing in April of 1981.  He also murdered two young girls a month later.  Was Frank Delapena responsible for whatever happened to 15-year-old Barbara?  He...

The Brother in Black - A Better Search for missing Barbara Louise Cotton
March 20, 2021

Season 5 Episode 8 Barbara's much older and now deceased brother Frank is one of at least three persons of interest in this case.  Who was Frank Cotton?  We speak with friends, family and Frank's daughter.  Also a closer at Lousie...

Coming Up for Air - Recapping our Better Search for Barbara Cotton
March 16, 2021

Season 5 Episode 7 A new timeline. A new friend. A new party. A new hotel.   In this episode we attempt to recap what we've learned and what our new questions are.  Barbara Louise Cotton has been missing since 1981. Her case is unsolved...

Interview with Williston Police Department - A Better Search for Barbara
March 09, 2021

Season 5, Episode 6 Interview with Williston Police Department about Barbara Louise Cotton missing from Williston, ND since 1981.

Please tell mom I love her - A better search for Barbara
March 05, 2021

Season 5, Episode 5 Lora was 15-years-old when she accepted a collect call from her brother - Barbara's mysterious boyfriend - in a jail cell in Montana. In this episode, Lora speaks for the first time about this conversation, not because it was a...

A rapist, a creep a private investigator and me - A Better Search for Barbara Cotton
March 04, 2021

Season 5 Episode 4 Private investigator and look closer at things: Barbara's social security number, a death certificate.  We also snoop around Barbara's 1981 neighborhood looking for potential persons of interest.   Barbara Louise...

40 years of nothing - A Better Search for Barbara Cotton
March 03, 2021

Season 5 Episode 3 A closer look at the initial police investigation. What was done? What wasn’t done? Barbara’s siblings don’t remember much of an investigation at all. What did people think from day one: did she run away or was she in harm’s...

Tributaries of the truth - A Better Search for Barbara Cotton
March 02, 2021

Season 5 Episode 2 There is much confusion surrounding Barbara Cotton's last known whereabouts.  Where did she eat with her boyfriend and the third person? Who was her boyfriend?  Who was the "friend" that joined them for Dinner?  In...