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Daily Scramble Live

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Lost Element on KX 93.5
October 21, 2015

Lost Element from Houston, TX chats with Tyler and spins their song "Twenty Five" on KX 93.5

DSL 10-12-15 GUEST: Wolf Alice
October 12, 2015

Tyler's away, so Jason hosts the show with his wife, Ava Burton. A bit scramblier than usual, but good banter. Sorbet, News and making fun of Columbus, whose day it is...

DSL: 10-9-15 (GUEST: Death by Unga Bunga)
October 09, 2015

Jason sings the Police Blotter about a local guy on acid, Death by Unga Bunga performs live (26:06), and OC comedian Cindy Burns tell us about her fight against cancer (42:04) and the "Funniest Housewives" benefit show this weekend at Coach House.

Lil' Dicky LIVE on KX 93.5
October 08, 2015

Jason and Tyler talk with #ProfessionalRapper and internet sensation Lil Dicky and play a game of BS Hot Potato.

DSL: 10-8-15 (GUEST: The Darkness)
October 08, 2015

Jason talks with Frankie Poullain of The Darkness (39:32), Jack Fast punks Newport by trying to get shoppers to say a random phrase, Lynda counts down the Top 5 Worst Jobs In America.

DSL 10-7-15 (GUESTS: Arnold Hano & Oscar)
October 07, 2015

The guys are joined by 93-year-old legendary baseball writer Arnold Hano, who makes for one of the greatest guests of all time and, after, English indie-pop artist Oscar performs live.

"A Century in the Bleachers:" Arnold Hano
October 07, 2015

Arnold Hano has been published in 9 decades and written 26 books and over 500 magazine articles. At 93 years-old, his wit and social activism makes him one of KX 93.5's most dynamic guests ever. Listen to him tell his story and filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis t

DSL 10-6-15 (GUEST: Civil Twilight)
October 06, 2015

Tyler and Jason play "Mind the Generation Gap" guessing songs from each other's generation, they chat with Rich from Civil Twlight (performing tonight at the Roxy), and Mike Waldman plays some rare tracks.

Civil Twilight on KX 93.5
October 06, 2015

Jason and Tyler chat with Rich from Civil Twilight about migrating from South African to become a successful American rock group.

DSL: 10-5-15 (GUEST: Sun Drug)
October 05, 2015

Local news including tips for Fire Prevention Week, Jason plays a Bar Mitzvah and Tyler attends his five-year college reunion, plus a stellar live performance from Silverlake's Sun Drug.