Daily Scramble Live

Daily Scramble Live

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DSL: 11-4-15 (GUEST: Stephen Bradley of No Doubt)
November 04, 2015

Stephen Bradley of No Doubt hangs in studio, debuts some of his new music, and plays "Name That Kazune" (interview starts at 40:58)

DSL: 11-3-15
November 03, 2015

Jason sings the police blotter (16:59), the guys introduce a new music segment called "New Spins Me Right Round."

DSL 10-31-15 (GUEST: Johnny Vatos of Oingo Boingo Dance Party)
November 03, 2015

It's our Halloween Spectacular! A "Dead Man's Party" with Johnny Vatos (49:53), a paranormal investigation of Black Star Canyon (9:26), and fall-inspired treats from Chef Alan Miller.

DSL 11-2-15 (GUEST: Moonsville Collective)
November 03, 2015

A HUGE announcement kicks off the show, a new game of "Guess That Alt-J Lyric," and a performance by six-piece Costa Mesa band Moonsville Collective (39:01).

Black Star Canyon Paranormal Investigation
October 30, 2015

Tyler and Jason look for paranormal activity in Black Star Canyon with professional para-team OC Ghosts and Legends. They learn how a paranormal investigation works, and a BIG moment of terror ensues.

DSL: 10-29-15 (GUEST: Ellie May & The Ricochets)
October 28, 2015

A game of Name that Kazune, a countdown of the top Haunted Attractions around So Cal, and a live performance from Ellie May & The Ricochets.

DSL: 10-27-15 (GUEST: Matt Costa & Soren Bryce)
October 27, 2015

OC native Matt Costa (1:03:10) and Texan-transplant Soren Bryce (19:45) both perform live, Jason sings the Laguna police blotter (15:00), and Mike Waldman digs up some rare tracks from the 80s (36:41).

DSL: 10-26-15 (GUEST: The Foreign Resort)
October 26, 2015

Jason returns with stories from his trip to Italy, the guys debut new Weezer, The Foreign Resort from Copenhagen performs live and tries to say today's secret word.

Skinny Lister LIVE 0n KX 93.5
October 23, 2015

Skinny Lister from the UK chat with Tyler and performs their songs "What Can I Say' and "Trouble on Oxford Street". 4:55 "What Can I Say" 11:03 "Trouble on Oxford Street"

Trevor Zinn, Lolo Jones, and Whiskey Bears LIVE on KX 93.5
October 22, 2015

Trevor Zinn and every band at his album debut show tonight at the Wayfarer performs in the KX 93.5 studio.