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If Kyle Rittenhouse Was Black...
November 24, 2021

#kylerittenhouseverdict #BLM #Atomwaffen Blacks in America are very upset over the verdict from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, claiming it to be evidence of White Supremacy but is it? We will be doing

It's Called Self Defense
November 11, 2021

#kyleRittenhousedidnothingwrong #selfedefense #2A I give my thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Never Back Down 2
November 03, 2021

#MayoralElection #thelincolnproject #kyleRittenhouse What's on tap: NYC Mayoral Election The Lincoln Project Kyle Rittenhouse

Never Back Down
October 27, 2021

#letsgobrandon #davechapelle #Clownworld The culture war is far from over. Ill will be talking about —Dave Chappelle's latest comments — New viral song that is pissing off the left. — How to double

China's Collapsing Economy
October 21, 2021

China's Collapsing Economy #china #economy #workforce #LIVESTREAM Did China Fuck Itself Economically? What is up with the Netflix walk out? What is causing Americans to walk off the job? http://cro

Dave Chappelle Did Nothing Wrong!
October 15, 2021

Why is the Alphabet gang so butt hurt? What are the real issues behind the LGBTQ Agenda? Disclaimer: This is not health advice.

Cenk Vs. Rogan rant
October 01, 2021

#joerogan #cenkuygur #triller I rant about Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks saying that he could beat up Joe Rogan. #putmoneyonitcenk

Don’t mandate me Joe!
October 01, 2021

#covid19 #vaccinemandate #liberty When did we lose agency over our own bodies?

Latinx Is An Ethnic Slur
September 25, 2021

#latinx #hispanicheritagemonth #hatespeech Latinx is a fiction that takes away our Latino identity and disrespect out heritage.

A Legend Dies While The Idiots Remain
September 18, 2021

#normmacdonald #AOC #generalmilley The biggest enemy to woke culture is gone and we are left with the retarded regressive left. Louie Bee gives his thoughts