Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast

Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast

#133: 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide: What's the Best Investing Strategy for Today's Market?

May 31, 2023

We’re wrapping up our 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide by exploring different investing strategies that work in today’s market.  Markets are reflections of many different factors, so the same strategy won’t work well all of the time.  But that doesn’t mean you need to be boxed into a strategy that doesn’t fit your lifestyle and long-term plans.  As you learn about the strategies we’re looking at today, think about how they match your goals to refine your own approach to investing. 

Check out the podcast to hear the details on a duplex in Pueblo used as a long-term rental, a rent by room single family home in Colorado Springs, and a house hack in Woodland Park that has a lot of possibilities.  Even though these strategies are very different from each other, the investors are each getting great returns. 

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In This Episode We Covered
  • Investing strategies that are working in Southern Colorado:
    • Traditional buy and hold rentals: While these are getting harder to make work, they continue to be a solid investment
    • Short Term Rentals: Localities are tightening up their restrictions, but if you can operate one legally you have a lot of opportunity
    • Medium Term Rentals: Since these are generally considered long-term rentals legally, investors aren’t subject to strict regulations but can still charge a premium
    • Room by Room: While individual leases are more work to manage, investors can expect higher cash flow
    • House Hacking: A great strategy for today’s market, but make sure you understand your lender’s occupancy requirements

  • Properties we’ve helped our clients close:
    • A Pueblo duplex with an 8.2% cap rate even with property management and a high interest rate
    • A room by room rental in Colorado Springs that is expected to have an 8% cap rate when the owners move out after a year
    • A house hack in Woodland Park that can be used as a long or short term rental and even has the ability to be converted into an event space!

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