Communications Breakdown

Communications Breakdown

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Episode 6 – Communi(ty)cations
October 02, 2019

In our sixth and final episode in Season One, we turn our lens on our communities and explore effective ways people are using communications to make a difference in and engage with their communities. We feature a bang up bench of long-time communicato...

Episode 5 – Playing Politics
September 18, 2019

Among the hardest places to actually be HEARD these days - ironically - are political statehouses. North Carolina's is no different. In this podcast, we bring on one of the best political reporters the Tar Heel State, WUNC radio's Jeff Tiberii,

Episode 4 – Selling the Environment
September 12, 2019

In Episode 4, we dive into some of the hardest stories to sell to the local media, voters or (sometimes) ourselves - stories about the Environment.We talk to professional environmental advocates to find out what's working best for them when it comes to...

Episode 3 – The Matter of Race
September 01, 2019

In our third episode, we explore the matter of race. One of the hardest thing for a lot of people (of all races) is talking about issues where race is front and center. We pull in professional communicators to help talk about how to talk about talking...

Episode 2 – What’s Good for Business
August 26, 2019

This week, we turn our focus to successful business communications tactics and strategies. Again, we're joined by a wonderfully insightful cast: Raleigh business and political stalwart Joe Stewart as well as veteran journalists / communications pros A...

Episode 1 – The New TV News
August 14, 2019

Our inaugural podcast kicks off where Jon left off: Television News. He's recruited an all-star cast from ABC11 and WRAL to talk about tectonic shifts in the industry, the takeover of social media, the difference in how reporters are sourcing their sto...