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Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia in the Fetus and Newborn
November 23, 2022

Host: Lee P. Shulman, MD, FACMG, FACOG Guest: James B. Bussel, MD Program Chairman:Roberto Romero, MD, DMedSciChief, Perinatology Research BranchDivision of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and ObstetricsDivision of Intramural ResearchNICHD/NIH/DHHSEditor-i

Medical Management of Uterine Fibroids: GnRH Antagonists
November 22, 2022

Host: Lee Shulman MD, FACOG, FACMG Guest: Ayman Al-Hendy, MD GnRH antagonists are revolutionizing the medical management of uterine fibroids. Drs. Al-Hendy and Shulman discuss how medical myomectomy with GnRH antagonists is revolutionizing care by

Emerging Evidence in Second-Line and Potential Considerations in First-Line aGC and GEJ cancers
November 21, 2022

Host: Yelena Janjigian, MD Guest: Sam Klempner, MD HER2 is an essential biomarker to be assessed in all patients with gastric/GEJ cancer. Its importance is not only related to its role as a therapeutic target for pathway inhibition, but also to its

Direct from the Heart Failure Clinic: Novel Device Therapy for Patients with HFrEF
November 18, 2022

Host: Marat Fudim, MD, MHS Despite the use of guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT), many heart failure (HF) patients may experience worsening symptoms and disease progression. There is now an FDA-approved device that works with GDMT and uses the

The Critical Role of Addressing Patient Fertility Desire in the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis
November 16, 2022

Host: Lee Shulman MD, FACOG, FACMG Guest: Elizabeth Stewart, MD Fertility preservation is a significant clinical concern for all women of reproductive age diagnosed with endometriosis or uterine fibroids (UF). Drs. Elizabeth Stewart and Lee Shulman

Immune-Based Advances in Gastric, Esophageal, and Gastroesophageal Junction Cancers
November 15, 2022

Host: Eric Van Cutsem, MD, PhD Guest: Elizabeth Smyth, MD Guest: Sunnie Kim, MD Recent immunotherapy approvals for gastric, esophageal, and gastroesophageal junction cancers have transformed the treatment landscape. Listen in as Drs. Eric Van Cut

TROP2 ADCs for Metastatic NSCLC: Setting the Stage for Future Use
November 15, 2022

Host: Benjamin Levy, MD Guest: Rebecca Heist, MD, MPH Guest: Peter Bela Illei, MD Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have promising clinical data in the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Listen in as Drs. Benjamin Levy, Rebecca Heist

Personalizing Treatment in Cushing’s Disease
November 11, 2022

Host: Maria Fleseriu, MD, FACE Guest: Irina Bancos, MD Cushings disease is complex, and individualized approaches require the consideration of many patient factors. You and your patient also need to know what to expect in terms of therapeutic resp

Advances in the Care of Patients with MSI-H/dMMR or HER2+ Colorectal Cancers
November 04, 2022

Host: Aparna R. Parikh, MD Guest: Dustin Deming, MD Guest: Scott Kopetz, MD, PhD In this chapterized panel discussion, Drs. Aparna Parikh, Dustin Deming, and Scott Kopetz take us through NCCN recommended guidelines and best practices for identify

Evaluating Your Current Options in the Treatment of NSCLC with METex14 Skipping Mutations
November 02, 2022

Host: Paul Paik, MD Guest: Catherine Shu, MD Take a deep dive into current and ongoing clinical trials related to MET inhibitors and discover the key distinctions between these agents, such as dosing differences. Our experts also have recommendatio