The Chibi Project

The Chibi Project

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The Chibi Project - Finale (Part 2)
December 14, 2016

Our Anime Boston 2016 panel, which was our last Chibi Project panel ever, featured an extensive Q&A which is featured (and expanded upon with clips) in the long-awaited second half to this final episode.

The Chibi Project - Finale (Part 1)
April 23, 2016

After more than 17 years of experiments, The Chibi Project is coming to a close. Share in the emotional final episode as recorded at Anime Boston 2016.

The Chibi Project - Groot vs. Dremel
March 15, 2016

Shortly after PatrickD's own custom Dancing Baby Groot went viral, a company started selling an officially licensed version. It looks gross, is too small, and he doesn't even say, "I am Groot." It's time to chop some wood.

The Chibi Project - Edward Cullen vs. Nails
March 03, 2016

Edward Cullen gets nailed for being a terrible character. Lizzard, Jekka, and Patrick would not tolerate his sparkle.

The Chibi Project - Katniss vs. Fire
February 04, 2016

The Girl on Fire has a reputation for sporting fiery outfits and outlasting the competition. It's time for one last Hunger Games.

The Chibi Project - Chii vs. Elephant Toothpaste
December 11, 2015

We use chemistry to attempt to create "Elephant Toothpaste" and see how Chii and Megatron would hold up to science!

The Chibi Project - Beyblade vs. Slap Chop
October 21, 2015

PatrickD and Jekka crush Beyblade in a Slap Chop and then take a soldering iron to the survivors. Recorded live at Anime Boston 2013.

The Chibi Project - Anime Body Pillow vs. Thermite
March 28, 2015

Jekka attempts to destroy an anime body pillow, toy mushrooms, and a Warcraft night elf using thermite.

The Chibi Project - Plush Rabbit vs. America
February 05, 2015

A pink plush bunny is tied to the front of a car and driven from Boston to San Francisco.

The Chibi Project - Bacon vs. Raisins
September 16, 2014

"Raisins ruin everything" but "Bacon makes everything better". What happens when we mix these two titans of taste?