Latest Episodes

Austin Has The Mic! – Ep. 17
April 21, 2021

This month we join the youth of Austin Has The Mic, a youth media partnership between Westside Health Authority and BUILD, as they cover an Austin community event. Hear them discuss the experience and

Women’s History Month: Honoring the Women In Our Lives – Ep. 16
March 24, 2021

For Women’s History Month, we hear from BUILD staff and youth on what they #ChooseToChallenge, as well as thoughts from our young people as they interview some special women in their lives. Plus, a po

Black Leadership of Today and Tomorrow – Ep. 15
February 25, 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, hear conversations with Black leaders of two different generations. BUILD youth leaders talk about their own goals and motivations, plus, interviews with Black T

BUILD Youth Look Back on 2020 – Ep. 14
January 27, 2021

On this episode, we will be hearing from BUILD youth, many from our Austin Has The Mic podcast program who produced their own segments, as they take a look back on the unforgettable year that was 2020

“Claiming Your Power” (with Sylvia Puente) – Ep. 13
December 04, 2020

Sylvia Puente knows a thing or two about adversity—she also knows a thing or two about policy. In this youth-led interview, the distinguished President & CEO of the Latino Policy Forum discusses making positive change, while staying true to your heritage.

La Mesa Latina 2020 – Ep. 12
October 29, 2020

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, BUILD is proud to present La Mesa Latina, a unique event that brings together many of Chicago’s most accomplished Latin leaders to share their stories with promising Latin youth from across metropolitan Chicago.

Exploring Leadership and Legacy (feat. Wood Harris and more) – Ep. 11
February 20, 2020

In our 11th edition, hear actor Wood Harris discuss growing up on the West Side; Michele Clark High School principal Charles Anderson sheds light on his school’s achievements; guest speakers from our Black Table event explain the importance of legacy; ...

Redefining The West Side (feat. Sgt. Jermaine Harris) – Ep. 10
January 22, 2020

Sgt. Jermaine Harris grew up on the west side. Unlike many that move away when they find success, Harris never left. Hear two of BUILD’s charismatic youth hosts interview Harris about his mentors, being a cop, serving his community,

An Attitude of Gratitude – Ep. 9
December 18, 2019

In this holiday-themed episode, hear what BUILD youth are thankful for, two stellar spoken word pieces, a youth-led talk show, an improvised BUILD song, a young man honoring his late friend, and an interview with ACT executive director Darnell Shields....

The Sounds of Summer! – Ep. 8
September 17, 2019

BUILD knows how to make the most of summer. In this episode we follow young people from our media program, and listen to some of the fantastic original content they created this summer. Including: Community Issue Spotlights/PSAs,