Brokentoken Classic Arcade and Pinball Podcast

Brokentoken Classic Arcade and Pinball Podcast

Latest Episodes

105: Friday Night at the 2022 Louisville Arcade Expo
June 19, 2022

We're live (rather, we were) at the 2022 Louisville Arcade Expo! It's our Friday night livestream show and we feature quite a few notable guests from the arcade community. We talk shop, pop culture

104: The KLOV Kloset
March 03, 2022

It's the (hopeful) end of Winter weather here in the Bluegrass and that means the expo circuit is right around the corner.  In that vein, we feature a discussion about the upcoming 2022 Louisville Arc

103: Spiderman’s Breakfast
February 03, 2022

It's the podcasting breakfast of champions as we talk Spiderman, Rush Pinball, the K7000 monitor and honor Lyman Sheats, Jr.

102: The Housecat
December 31, 2021

Just in the nick of time, we cross the finish line to round out 2021 and discuss what the past several months has been like for us here at the show. As you know by now, we took a 3-month hiatus and w

101: Maxine
September 01, 2021

Summer 2021 is winding down and we talk gaming while on vacation, some game repairs, a new Multi-Pac kit and a host of Pinball-related news!

100: Thank You For Being A Friend
July 15, 2021

It's the BIG #100 and we pulled out all the stops! It's over 5 hours of podcasting goodness with at least as many surprises thrown in for good measure along the way. Enjoy and we look forward to 100

99: Have you heard from Ike Artin?
May 03, 2021

We channel our best Hank Hill this month and cover off on lots of arcade and arcade-related accessories talk, discuss whole-house surge suppression and the new Fathom classic re-release from Haggis Pi

98: No Ragrets
April 05, 2021

We go all in on the "no regrets" mantra this month and cover everything from arcade and pinball game sales, truck alternator rebuilds, 3D printing, a refreshed look at soldering equipment, new Atari

97: Trolled By The Best
March 07, 2021

Stern trolled us, the Rottendog bit us and Brent is happy about a Make Trax - what's up with that? We talk new test pattern generators, arcade multi-Pac kits, C64 and the Dreamcast gets some love as

96: Paint By Numbers
January 30, 2021

We are back to full hosting this month where we discuss Whitney's recovery from COVID-19, classic computing hardware, revisit Sky Skipper, the Rotten Dog MPUs, some 3D printer upgrades, the best gamer