The Birth Ease Podcast

The Birth Ease Podcast

017 Learning & Processing Styles with Mitchell Jarrell

December 25, 2019

Listen in as Michelle and Mitchell Jarrell discuss the ways our senses impact our learning and processing styles. Mitchell explains how gaining an understanding of the different styles can help you to support your child’s learning. This understanding can also improve communication within your relationships. Together Mitchell and Michelle stress the importance of doing the work of self-growth and cultivating our own self-acceptance. Because we cannot instill self-esteem in our children, if we do not have it to give.

“Take time to understand someone else. And if you care about them, figure out how they learn. That way you can better communicate." —Mitchell Jarrell


Studying Style

Help Your Student Find Their Learning Style and Succeed

4 Types of Learning Styles



Mitchell Jarrell is a former teacher and gifted artist.

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