Beyond Burnout - Wealth and Health

Beyond Burnout - Wealth and Health

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21 Questions for Maximizing Your Goal-Setting — Part 1
December 11, 2020

Have you ever set a goal but became frustrated when you couldn’t complete it?  If so, you likely didn’t set your goal correctly. In this episode, join Dr. Ali Chaudhry as he reveals 21 goal-related qu

5 Steps for Preventing Mental, Physical, and Financial Burnout
October 28, 2020

Burnout is a real issue in the healthcare industry — one that can affect not only your emotional, mental, and physical health, but also your patient care, well-being, and personal life. That’s why Dr.

Life Experiences: Reflecting on the “Protection First, Protection Always” Mantra
September 11, 2020

Dr. Ali Chaudhry strongly believes that “protection first, protection always” is always applicable, no matter which stage of life you’re in. In this episode, join Dr. Ali as he reflects on this motto

Using Term Life Insurance as a Protective Measure
August 19, 2020

Life insurance can be an effective means of protection, both physically and financially.  One type of life insurance that can help you protect you, especially when you’re young and healthy, is term li

Gratitude: New-Age Cliché or Beneficial for Your Health?
July 08, 2020

What does gratitude mean to you?  While many think of it as being thankful, for many others, gratitude means the opposite of arrogance and jealousy.  Today, Dr. Ali Chaudhry reveals why he believes gr

Protecting Your Paycheck — with John Gerard
June 01, 2020

Dr. Ali Chaudhry believes in protecting your paycheck — and nobody knows how to do so better than Northeast Financial’s John Gerard.  As a disability and long term care insurance specialist, John has

The Psychological Impact of COVID-19
May 01, 2020

While many people’s jobs and health have been impacted by COVID-19, many are also facing emotional and psychological effects from this pandemic. Today, Dr. Ali Chaudhry sits down for a candid conversa

Gratitude: New-Age Nonsense or Beneficial for Your Health?
April 01, 2020

Is it possible that gratitude is the antidote to burnout? In this episode, Dr. Ali Chaudhry talks about the benefits of practicing gratitude for healthcare professionals. This is a rich conversation t

Which Insurance Healthcare Professionals Should Never Be Without: Part 1
February 12, 2020

Your income provides your lifestyle, supports your family’s needs, and helps you secure your financial future. If you were to ever become disabled, would your income continue or come to a screeching h

Meet Dr. Ali Chaudhry of Northeast Financial Network
January 06, 2020

Whether you’re the broke resident, a recent graduate with a lot of debt, or in the stride of your career with financial pressures, you’ve come to the right place.  In this debut episode of Beyond Burn