Bank on Wipfli

Bank on Wipfli

Navigating the benefits and cybersecurity risks of ChatGPT

June 28, 2023

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT provide exciting opportunities for financial institutions to enhance customer service and increase operational efficiency. But any innovative technology also carries new

risks to manage. In the hands of bad actors, generative AI also has the potential to increase the rate and sophistication of cyberattacks.

Join this episode of Bank on Wipfli as we discuss the benefits of these new tools and how you can help ensure your defenses are AI ready.

Listen in as Jeff Olejnik, principal at Wipfli, and Robert Zondag, partner at Wipfli, discuss:

• The benefits and potential risks of AI

• How to prepare your cybersecurity

• Why financial institutions should have AI in their long-term digital strategy