Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 60 - Think Like An Owner

July 29, 2018
It’s not uncommon to find people feeling very disconnected from their work.  Sometimes an individual’s passion and purpose is connected to their work in the team room, and sometimes, it’s not.  Sometimes they may not know what their passion and purpose is….we’ve talked about methods for finding and connecting purpose in previous episodes, but is there a quicker, simpler way?

  • Ask your team to Think and Act Like an Owner

  • If this were a startup, and you were funding the initiative, you would be less inclined to do wasteful things.  To hesitate, to over-plan.  The mindsets and behaviours that Agile demands are the very same ones that startup-style ownership demands.

  • An Owner makes decisions quickly, abhors waste, and acts always in the interest of delighting the customer and igniting their teams….because ultimately these are the most important people an owner has to focus on.

  • Encourage your teams often to break free from bad patterns, habits and attitudes by encouraging them to think and act like a true owner would