Badass Agile

Badass Agile

Episode 7 - Becoming Badass Part II - Confidence and Core Values

March 20, 2017

Welcome back. In this episode we will carry on with the idea of ‘Becoming Badass’.

Remember Why we’re here. To create an elite tribe of leaders, using the principles of Agile to strengthen our personal practice; and to bring your improved game back to our teams and our leadership.

We started with an orientation of the principles and philosophies, then, we took on the fundamentals of making a commitment to serve, setting a vision for ourselves, our teams and our product, and how to break down all previous notions of what you are and what you’re capable of so we can build back up stronger.

Mindset And Habit Pairs

Now its time to integrate new mindset and habit pairs. These pairs are all about choosing a new way of seeing, understanding, AND new ways of behaving. The mindset powers the habit, and the habit reinforces the mindset.

Review - Badass Mindset/Habit Pair - The Body

The body will not betray what the mind thinks and feels. Your face and your body is the interface through which the world will experience your massiveness. Your badass self.

Adopt the posture of the confident person. Stand straight up, with your chest out. Chin up. Make your body still; when you do move, move with purpose. Move intentionally. Think about what movements you are about to make before you make them.

Do this for a week. Does it change how others respond to you? More importantly, did it change how you feel about yourself? Check out Ted Talk - Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

Assuming you have done that for a week, the next step, as covered in Podcast 2 was to have a picture of your future. Know who you are, what you stand for, where you are going.

Before we hit the next step, your assignment for this week, let’s recap the Badass principles:

A badass:

1. Has a Compelling Picture of The Future - know what they want. know what they stand for
2. Doesn't care what others think
3. Doesn’t care about positional authority
4. Won’t rest until they’re the best
5. Is always In complete control of their states - emotional, physical, mental Everything they do and say oozes badass. And they don’t even have to try.
6. Is Already good enough - never seeking approval of others, attention
7. Is Unafraid to fail and be wrong, learn by experimentation, completely accountable for their mistakes
8. Always goes first
9. Never Quits
10. Values their time as a precious commodity
11. Doesn’t value certainty or safety, so they break rules repeatedly. They live and learn best at the edge of their fears.
12. Maintains humour and levity
13. Never Apologizes for Who they Are

So now that you have your vision, what do you do? Start to live by your core values. No matter what. Look at the following badass values:

1. #2 - Doesn't care what others think
2. #3 - Doesn’t care about positional authority,
3. #11 - Doesn’t value certainty or safety, so they break rules repeatedly. They live and learn best at the edge of their fears, and
4. # 13 - Never Apologizes for Who they Are

A badass lives and learns best at the edge of her fears. Fear of rejection. Fear of loss. Fear of uncertainty. Next time you are asked do something you don’t believe in doing, something not aligned to your values and vision, just say “sorry, that’s not what I do”.

The secret to being hyper productive is to do things that you believe in and truly want. Being aligned to your core values. Living your vision.

This week, find a way to live with courage, to re-think how you and your team operates so that it aligns to what you truly believe.