Back 2 You! on Radio Misfits

Back 2 You! on Radio Misfits

Latest Episodes

Back 2 You – One good turn deserves another
February 25, 2021

Steve and Howard cover the bases, from good people who did good things for our humble hosts, they’ll cover important inventions and talk movies and TV. And they worry they may get fired for this show! (Ep71)

Back 2 You – How YOU doin’?
February 18, 2021

Steve and Howard cover the bases from the top TV shows to a question you should never…and they mean never….ask anyone.  (Ep70)

Back 2 You – Games People Play
February 11, 2021

Steve and Howard take a trip past Park Place on their way to Marvin Gardens to talk about how board games are making a big comeback. [EP69]

Back 2 You – All The President’s Men
February 04, 2021

Howard and Steve show their knowledge and see how many powerful men that they can remember. (Ep68)

Back 2 You – The Name Game
January 28, 2021

Howard and Steve somehow started playing the name game. The new president is the first Joe to be president so they talk about famous Joes & why people often call other people Buddy or Pal. Yes, this is an important podcast you won’t want to miss. (Ep67)

Back 2 You – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
January 14, 2021

Steve and Howard discuss how they were feeling as the US Capitol Building was stormed. Plus they recommend some great music that helped capture history 50 years ago. [EP66]

Back 2 You – What is in it for me?
December 31, 2020

Steve and Howard see how well you know your hit tv shows, why you’ll break your New Year’s resolutions, and what’s in it for me? (Ep65)

Back 2 You – We have questions. Answers, not so much
December 24, 2020

Howard and Steve ask each other some off the wall questions that get some off the wall answers & you may have fun answering them yourselves. (Ep64)

Back 2 You – Best Foot Forward
December 17, 2020

Steve and Howard, both currently unemployed offer their tips on things you should….and should not say in your next job interview. Some valuable–and maybe humorous advice on Back 2 You. (Ep63)

Back 2 You – Watch Your Manners!
December 10, 2020

Howard and Steve explore the world of good…..and bad manners. And we’ll see if they practice what they’re preaching…. on the next Back 2 You. (Ep62)