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Academic Odysseys with Assassin’s Creed. Archaeological Fantasies Podcast Ep 108
September 02, 2019

Today we talk with Dr. Jane Draycott @JLDraycott and Andrew Reinhard @adreinhard about the epic game Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. We discuss the overall gameplay, how AC uses historical references to create more vibrant gameplay,

Remix – Atlantis in Sardinia with Dr. Emily Holt – Archaeological Fantasies ep 107
February 08, 2019

Nuraghe Santu Antine in TorralbaCristiano Cani picture via Wiki Commons. Note: there was an issue with the Audio file. This is a repost of episode 107. Today we are talking with Dr. Emily Holt from Miami University in Ohio.

Asteroids, Micro Diamonds, and the Younger Dryas with Jens Notroff: Archaeological Fantasies Ep 106
January 21, 2019

Today we talk to Jens Notroff about a recent report about a newly discovered asteroid crater under the Greenland Glacier. How is this connected to the Younger Dryas? What is the Younger Dryas? And is this evidence of Gobekli Tepe being older than it s...

Where Are the Real Viking Women Warriors? With Chelsi Slotten Archaeological Fantasies Episode 105.
January 08, 2019

Not a real viking... Welcome to Season 5 of the Archaeological Fantasies Podcast! To start the year off we're talking with Chelsi Slotten about Viking Women Warriors. What does archaeology say about women in Viking times?

New Archaeo-Genetics Articles With Jennifer Raff
December 17, 2018

Today, Dr. Jennifer Raff is back with us to talk about some recent articles on genetics in archaeology. Particularly the discovery of a new genetic ancestor to early Americans and new evidence about the migration of early Americans. 

The History of Pseudoarchaeology: From Engagement to Isolation.
December 06, 2018

Things changed drastically as archaeology developed and professionalized. During the pre-professional time, or the Romantic Era of archaeology as Jeb Card and David Anderson (2016) call it, archaeology was really more of a jumbled collection of competi...

The History of Pseudoarchaeology: The Moundbuilders Myth
December 06, 2018

The first thing to look at any time you start a new project is the history of the topic. Our topic is practically as old as the field of archaeology itself, some might argue even older (Card 2018). The reason for this is that before the field of archae...

Man-Bear-Pig with Alex and Simona from the ArchaeoAnimals Podcast : Archaeological Fantasies Ep 102
December 03, 2018

Today we talk with Alex Fitzpatrick and Simona Falanga from The ArchaeoAnimals Podcast on the APN. We talk about Zooarchaeology and Cryptid Bones. We learn about chupacabra skulls and examine the Pig-Face Women of Vicotiran side-shows. Show Notes:

Archaeologists and Horror Movies in the MonsterTalk Crossover, Ep 101
October 29, 2018

Image: Cupid Fountain (Copyright Winchester Mystery House) - Hello Boys and Ghouls, it's time for the MonsterTalk/Archaeological Fantasies Halloween Special. This year we're talking about Horror movies and the perils of being an archaeologist in t...

Monstertalk Crossover Double Feature
October 15, 2018

  - Is - I bet you can't guess what's in store for you, dear listeners, later on this month. Until then, slack you blood-lust on these two juicy episodes in our Pseudoarchaeology Double Feature. - Music in this special episode Copyright Richard O’Br...