APL nextED Mini-Pod

APL nextED Mini-Pod

Learning From Global Campuses with Dr. Patti Pelletier

October 22, 2021

This week on the APL nextED Mini-Pod, Dr. Patti Pelletier, the Senior Director of the Learning & Leadership Community at Purdue University Global, provides insights into the resources that the Center for Teaching and Learning provides to the Purdue community. 

COVID-19 sent most campuses into a tailspin, suddenly needing to teach students, faculty and staff how to function in an online learning environment. For campuses like Purdue University Global, much of the past 18 months has continued to be mostly business as usual. Many would agree that taking courses online during the pandemic brought some overdue attention to the fragmented technology and digital delivery models at thousands of universities. There’s much to learn from online models that have excelled in teaching and learning in a remote environment. Dr. Pelletier and her team at Purdue University Global acknowledge that faculty play a significant role in a successful online experience. Dr. Pelletier’s team continuously creates resources to support online teaching, learning, and hybrid work environments as technology, demographics and needs change. 

Listen to learn more about the ways that Purdue University Global is helping their community succeed inside and outside of the classroom. 

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