Adventures In Consciousness

Adventures In Consciousness

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Nexus Theory Episode 10: Nexus Theory Synopsis
October 15, 2021

This concluding Episode of Nexus Theory 101 reviews from an overall perspective the most important physical mechanisms of Nexus Theory covered in Episodes One through Nine and discusses some of their ramifications. If you are just starting out with Nexus

Nexus Theory Episode 9: Zero Point Energy, the Source of Consciousness, and Entanglement
September 29, 2021

This Episode closes the loop of all the Episodes describing Nexus Theory so far, to describe the background energy of our holographically organized universe called the Zero Point Energy and how the Source of consciousness resides there, 'out of time' in i

Nexus Theory Episode 8: The Construction of Your Nexus
September 16, 2021

This Episode pulls together everything you've learned in the first seven episodes preceding this one about light, biophotons, holography, and the physical structures and functions of your brain needed to understand the construction of your holographic Nex

Nexus Theory Episode 7: The Extracellular Matrix and Fiber Optic Properties of Collagen
August 27, 2021

This episode describes how the nonliving connective tissues surrounding and connecting cells are also important in understanding Nexus Theory by the theoretical ability of collagen fibers to guide biophotons throughout your body and brain. The result

Nexus Theory Episode 6: How Cell Structure Affects Function
August 24, 2021

Cells must maintain their structures to properly perform their functions, and this Episode focuses primarily on the role of microtubules in maintaining the cell's internal structure called the cytoskeleton, and the importance of the cell cilia lining the

Nexus Theory Episode 5: Neuronal Synapses, Membrane Potentials, and Neurotransmitters
August 23, 2021

This episode explains how your nerve cells, called neurons, make connections called synapses with other neurons to transmit information from one neuron to the next, through changes in the electrical potentials between the inside and outside of neural memb

Nexus Theory Episode 4: Pathways and Organization of the Brain
August 18, 2021

In this Episode we cover the general flow of information in your brain: how initial 'raw' sensory information is first presented to your consciousness through the thalamus at the center of your brain into your biophotonic holographic Nexus residing in yo

Nexus Theory Episode 3: Major Structures of the Human Nervous System
August 11, 2021

This Episode presents a brief overview of the major parts of the human nervous system that you'll need to know about if you don't already. Most names for brain structures don't have common language equivalents, so we'll be getting a little bit into the we

Nexus Theory Episode 2: Biophotons, Light, and Holography
August 05, 2021

In this Episode you'll learn about the biophotons that are emitted from all the living cells of your body, some of the special properties of light, and a little about holograms. This will prepare you for understanding further mechanisms of consciousness,

Nexus Theory Episode 1: Introduction to Adventures In Consciousness
August 05, 2021

The first ten episodes of Adventures In Consciousness will enable you to begin understanding, in the context of the Nexus Theory of consciousness, the physical aspects of how your brain works to enable consciousness in you. You'll discover exactly how yo