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A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

M 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content

July 29, 2021

Minisode 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content

How to discover what videos to shoot for your own patients. Why embed them on your site with log in restrictions?

Again, just want to thank you for choosing an end to these short minisodes today. It's about content creation for videos, that kind of alluded to this at the end of a, the last episode. But let's expand a little bit an easy thing.

You can do is just bought, go online, go to YouTube, find some doctors that you like to watch, or physical therapist, whatever, and find videos that you enjoy. Are you think that I really show the exercises that you would want to teach a patient for whatever song? And you want and you can just link those.

Like if you have an email list set up for low back patients, sciatica patients headache. Patients, older patients. You can curate your top six videos and drip those every day or every week to these patients.

So, when they come in, you put in your software that they have this condition, and then they're on a certain email list and then those emails are set up with these videos so that they can watch them at their Leisure. You could potentially be also have a web page with say shoulder problems. And then, you just linked those videos in your bedroom in your site and then you get to go.

Now if you want to take it to a step further and get your own views and have yourself look like the expert at home. Anyways, you just record you doing the exercises that you like to watch or the stretches. And the nice thing is, if you spend an hour or two watching different videos and different exercises, you can pick the top, whatever you like, top ten things that you like for low back pain and you can show them and you do like progressions and just you doing, it doesn't have to be high quality and all the bells and whistles, you know, just take out your smartphone.

Have your staff help you record it off. You can actually send that the fiber and have someone put a logo to the front and the back and brand it, but your phone number in it and they can do that for you for a few bucks, maybe 5 or 10 bucks. That might be worth it because now you're going to get views and then you have it all in your web page, and you can email your own links to these people. And I think it's kind of nice cuz if you're if you're in a busy practice and you don't really want to do a lot of rehab, then you just tell patients, hey, this is a practice member only section of the web page. So if you're on WordPress, there's plenty of membership, site plugins some, that causes some that are free that you can go through, and I did get a course Builder from appsumo. That's for like an entire course. This is like, you can do like, a restrict content Pro. That's a one that I use, but you can just put it behind a a membership.

So if there are patient, then you can give them the username and the password that they can access this area with member patient only information and that'll give you a lot more clicks on your site, more pageview time which is great for Google. So they'll say wow this is a really popular site because wage Actually watching the videos that they're supposed to be doing at their house.

What do you think about this? What would you be recommending? If you want to leave a message in the, in the reviews or on Facebook, just took em, c, c, or whatever you want to do it, but let me know what were some of the exercises that you would give for headaches or back pain, knee, pain, shoulder pain and maybe we can get a, a list going.

So takes the guesswork out for other body else and the easy button for everyone.

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