9to5.cc Podcasts: Including Go Plug Yourself (GPYS) & 9to5 Entertainment System (9ES)

9to5.cc Podcasts: Including Go Plug Yourself (GPYS) & 9to5 Entertainment System (9ES)

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Erica J. Schmidt – Go Plug Yourself 284
August 31, 2023

The Montreal podcast that asks storyteller, writer and podcast Erica J. Schmidt: When you’re riding shotgun and the driver is being irresponsible, how do you handle it? That question was asked by our

9ES292: Venture Fourth
August 26, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 is here and it kind of feels like the current “biggest game in the world” at the moment. I mean, it’s not. That will always be Fortnite probably. Or maybe Minecraft.   Anyways, I overh

Raajiee Chelliah – Go Plug Yourself 283
August 17, 2023

The Montreal podcast that asks comedian Raajiee Chelliah: What is the most important aspect of being a Montrealer? That question was asked by Joe Garque from the Under Pressure Graffiti Festival back

9ES 291: The Sexiest Men Alive
August 10, 2023

The Montreal geek and pop culture podcast that is definitely hosted by the Sexiest Men Alive returns to talk about Last One Laughing, that Flash movie, John Wick 4, Taskmaster and more. Seriously thou

(Unofficial) Osheaga Podcast 2023: The Comedown
August 09, 2023

And just like that its over. Osheaga hit a record attendance of over 155,000 over this past weekend. Ill be the first to admit that Friday started off a little rough as everyone (organizers and fan

Joe Garque (Under Pressure Graffiti Festival) – GPYS 282
August 05, 2023

The Montreal arts and entertainment podcast that asks Joe Garque from the Under Pressure Graffiti Festival: What is the moment that you felt that Montreal became an international city? that questi

9ES290: A Woman Looks At Him Angrily
July 28, 2023

So a while ago they renamed the famous Montreal venue Metropolis to the MTelus, because Telus bought the venue. A few things on that. First of all, I mostly just still call the venue Metropolis an

Osheaga Podcast 2023 (Unofficial) – Sunday Part 2
July 28, 2023

Osheaga is in a week! Hope youve got your outfits picked out. That means its time for the last episode in our podcast series, where we take a look at 5 more bands from Sundays lineup to help you bu

(Unofficial) Osheaga Podcast: Patrick Guay (GPYS 281)
July 20, 2023

15 days until Osheaga 2023! Were super excited to present this episode as we were lucky enough to sit down with the Senior talent buyer from Osheaga: Patrick Guay! This is an extra long episode since

Alan Davies – JFL MTL 2023 (Go Plug Yourself)
July 18, 2023

Alan Davies joins Ins Anaya and I to talk about why he doesnt tour as much as he used to, not having been to Montreal since 1995 and how important British panel shows are to making comedians househo